Guard: So Mr. Bond, what do you know about the theft of the GoldenEye?

James Bond: Ourumov stole it. He's a traitor.

Guard: Nonsense, Mr. Bond. General Ourumov is a hero of the Soviet Union.

James Bond: Perhaps he was one, but he has betrayed you now

Guard: All lies, Mr. Bond! You are nothing but a terrorist! You will be executed along with that foolish girl!

James Bond: Natalya has done nothing wrong. She knows what happened at Severnaya.

Guard: Really? Well, we'll just have to ask her about that. I'm sure she can be persuaded to answer out questions more fully.

Guard: New orders from the general-Shoot the spy at once!

Alec trevelyan: For England, James?

James Bond: No. for me.

Alec trevelyan: You know what James? I was always better.

Alec trevelyan: Finish the job James - If you can!

James Bond: ...It was too easy, Alec.

Alec trevelyan: Half of everything is luck James.

James Bond: And the other half?

Alec trevelyan: Fate.