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  • I was on the last hundred pages of 'Lucy Sullivan' and had decided to put the book down - make it last. Then the thought popped into my head "There's a DVD set you can watch, just read it!". So i finished the book that night, really happy and excited about renting out the TV Adaption the next day.

    Now i wish I'd savored the book, and not wasted my $10 on this crap. Not even Gerard Butler could save it. This is the worst thing i have watched since, and probably before, Gigli. The Characters are completely altered, none of the changes are positive. Too much detail is paid to things that are pointless and/or dull. The acting is awful and the entire feeling of the show leaves you empty.

    Do not bother. It's an insult to all things Keys!
  • elifull23 January 2007
    I loved the story told in the TV series and felt each of the characters was interesting and believable. Sam Loggin was a super Lucy! I thought Gus was suitably sleazy, and Daniel was a decent guy with his true qualities not evident at first. The 3 girls at Lucy's flat were each definite characters with good story lines of their own and their interactions reminded me of some of my experiences with a roommate. The office life portrayed was realistic and very funny! Each character was a clear individual and well-portrayed by the actors. I saw the show before I read the book so for me this show IS Lucy Sullivan. I read the book afterward and noted a number of differences from the TV show but felt the show still stands as a brilliant entertainment in its own right. It remains one of my favourite TV series and I'd love to watch it again if someone airs it again or if it comes out on DVD.
  • They have scheduled it twice and promptly taken it off. I got so fed up with waiting for it to come back on so I bought the book by Marian Keyes to see what happens. ITV said something, at the time, like they hadn't found the right time to schedule it. It's really annoying to viewers when they do this. Once they've scheduled it and aired it please keep the story going. Still it would be interesting to see what ITV did to the rest of the story and if their ending was the same as the book. One of the actors in it plays the Phantom in the The Phantom of The Opera film out soon. Maybe one day - who knows. Why spend the money making it if they aren't going to show it - doesn't make sense.
  • ~~Lucy Sullivan goes to see a fortune teller who predicts that Lucy will be married in the next year. Who will Lucy end up with? ~~

    I looked forward to seeing this as I had read the book and loved it. However I was seriously disappointed with this effort.

    Major characterisation changes were made such as: Lucy changed from freckly with curly hair to tall, blonde and skinny. Megan is changed from Australian to cockney, Gus from Irish to Scottish, Charlotte from Northern to Londoner......the list goes on and on.

    All these changes ruin what was a very funny story, many of the best parts of the book have to be missed out completely (such as a very funny exchange between Gus and Karen based on nationality nicknames).

    My advice is don't bother to watch this rubbish - buy the book and proceed to wet your knickers laughing!
  • I read the book as did countless thousands of other people and while initially disappointed in some key character changes, I soon forgot that and got right into this. It was shown as a mini series in Australia so the anticipation was high to see how badly Gus treated Lucy from week to week.

    I do have to say I loved it. Daniel wasn't quite as 'manly' as I'd hoped but he did come through in the end.

    For those of us who love to be sucked into the fantasy world of the relationships of others, this is a definite must see. Lucy isn't the luckiest girl and has some terrible flatmates, but doesn't that sound like a lot of us?
  • shrek200417 August 2003
    I remember this show! It was a show based on the book of the same name. The book is very popular in Britain so the show had a lot to live up to. However, the show made many changes, like changing the way the charactars looked (especially Karen) and messing up the plots (especially where Gus was concerned) I say they just should have made a movie, like Bridget Jones, instead of this disaster! It wasn't even funny!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Contains spoilers!

    This was one hard to find DVD... but one the dedicated Gerry Butler fan can't really live without. I finally got my copy from New Zealand a few weeks ago and did a marathon viewing of all 16 episodes. From the bits and pieces I had seen before, I thought the series is rather shallow and very light hearted but I was surprised. There are some good, rather deep story lines dealing with the hassle of the daily, modern life as problems at your job, problems with your family and so on. Of course a good mix of good (and bad) romances are thrown in as well. I thought the acting was overall pretty good especially in some of the supporting roles like Lucy's parents.

    Of course I need to dedicate a paragraph to Mr. Butler here since I assume a lot of his fans are wondering if they should get the DVD or not. He is in 13 out of the 16 episodes and has some good, but relatively short scenes in there. He plays the role of the scoundrel Gus really well and very believable. You just love to hate him. He looks absolutely gorgeous as Gus which works so well for a character like this whom shamelessly uses his good looks to get what he wants from the girls he's with. He truly is a jerk and as the show goes on the more you dislike him. I'm not sure though that I like the fact that Gus really doesn't seem to have any redeeming character traits. He's just bad, which is true to the book. His story line is kind of left open at the end (which is the same in the novel) and I as a viewer was somehow not satisfied with that. He just got away with anything without paying for it or redeeming himself somehow. But in that matter they stayed true to the book. Is it worth getting for any Gerry fan out there? I do think so.

    Somebody wrote in an earlier review that Gerry didn't do his own singing. That is not true. He said himself in an interview that he did sing in the two episodes. And you can hear that it's him. It's his voice. Yes, he obviously sounds a bit different in "Phantom..." but in POTO he's a bit older, had a lot of voice training, and his voice had matured considerably, but it's still the same voice.
  • I know I read someplace that Gerry did NOT sing these clips of songs, that it was dubbed in. Some people have posted the songs on YouTube claiming Gerry is singing them. He isn't. It was a short TV series, they don't sing for real on TV. I think it was when Gerry was in Phantom of the Opera and he was interviewed a lot on TV and he told the story of his singing lessons, etc. and that he didn't sing in Lucy Sullivan. After all, he's a baritone and the kid on Lucy Sullivan is not singing that deep. Listen to the companion DVD of Gerry singing the soft ballad on Phantom of the Opera...even when singing soft his voice is deep. So NO, he was not singing Lucy Sullivan. I hope they put it on DVD soon, even if it was not very good, it was Gerry and we fans want to see it.