The "Yoda" puppet cost approximately $5000.

The animation format used to animate thumbs was later used to animate Steve Oedekerk's tongue in Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002).

The naked thumb pilot in the thumb fighter jet was improvised on the spot, on set, while filming various thumbs and costumes.

During initial filming, Video Assist Operator Ben Hunt shared with voice actor Rob Paulsen that he had memorized the Animanaics song "Yakko's World" (sung by Paulsen) back when he was in High School. Rob asked Ben if he wanted to sing it together and they did. Between takes of course.

The most complex shot to film on set was during the escape from Black Helmet man and the troopers, back on to the "Hand" to fly away. The shot of the crew and droids running onboard and down the passageway to the cockpit took nearly 2 hours to film for a shot that lasted just seconds.

The script supervisor on set could not stop laughing at the line "Don't worry Bunhead!" Every time. Every take.