Cesar: It's better to run and live than to stay and die.

Lola: It's dangerous to love.

Suzie: Is she yours?

Cesar: All the children here are mine. And all the old ones, my parents'. We are family. We are one.

Dante Dominio: [about gypsies] They are dirty.

Suzie: How would you be if you lived on the road?

Dante Dominio: Ah, well, but I don't! I live in an apartment with two bathrooms and beautiful furniture which I pay for with money I have earned. Why do they live like that? Because they are dirty, lazy thieves! Because they don't want to work, to make something of themselves!

Suzie: They live on the road because their homes were taken away. They have nowhere else to go.

Lola: One should never look back. One should never regret. Never.

Dante Dominio: What do I have but my voice? I am nothing if I cannot sing.

[Dante has been ingratiating himself with Nazi officers, while Suzie has been helping the gypsies]

Dante Dominio: [as she clears up horse droppings] Hey, little Suzie. You have found your place at last, amongst the animals.

Suzie: And you have found yours.

Dante Dominio: Mussolini believes in order and organization. He understands that the Italian people must regain back their self-respect.

Reporter: By putting on black shirts and marching up and down in one of those rallies?

Dante Dominio: [laughs and pats the reporter's cheek] Ah, you intellectual, huh? For the working man, the rallies are about dignity and strength. The lighting, the music, the choreography creates an atmosphere. Magnifico!

Felix Perlman: Mussolini certainly has a great sense of theatre.

Dante Dominio: Certo! Certo, huh? And everything he does, huh... is big. Yes. Yes! You could learn something, Felix. He really knows how to reach his public.

Welsh Teacher: Now, you're in England now, so you speak English, don't you? They wouldn't let me speak Welsh, either. But it did me the world of good. In the end. You see, Suzie, you've got to learn to fit in.

Dante Dominio: You have to fight to get somewhere in this world. Maybe even fight to kill.

Suzie: If you are fighting to kill, you must be very, very sure that you have God on your side. Otherwise...

Dante Dominio: Otherwise what?

Suzie: Otherwise you are nothing more than a murderer.