Johnny Depp asked for golden teeth to be put into his mouth, to give more realism to his character.

The actors and musicians that play Cesar's family are members of the Romanian music group Taraf de Haidouks.

The third film where Christina Ricci appears with Johnny Depp, after Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) and Sleepy Hollow (1999) (in which they also played love interests).

Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp found it strange and amusing to do sex scenes with each other because they first met when she was 9 and he was 26, when he visited the set of her debut film Mermaids (1990) to see his then-girlfriend Winona Ryder. She said during an interview with ABC News, "I've known Johnny so long, he's protective of me as an older brother and it's weird to think of having sex with him. So we know enough about each other to laugh at it. He said it was 'like we were rooting around together like pigs.' Anyway, I don't think you ever really deal with sexuality on-screen. There are, like, 50 people watching you, and you're just, like, 'Uh, I hope my ass looks good.' There's no deep feeling there. It's just embarrassing."

Robert De Niro was originally set to star as Dante Dominio.

The scenes where the people of Paris are shown leaving town, because of Nazi occupation, were shot just before the morning traffic jammed the streets.

The Place de la Concorde was used by the production as background for some scenes. This came after several weeks of negotiation between the director and producers of the movie, and the mayor of Paris, since the location is rarely closed for movie production. The scenes were shot after midnight and before 6:00 p.m.

Final film of cinematographer Sacha Vierny.

Final film of Don Fellows.

Cristina Ricci told ABC News that a decision was made early "that Johnny [Depp] and I would never be unclothed [during their sex scenes] because in gypsy culture women are forbidden to be nude." But if they had decided nudity would be included, she would have been fine with that too. She had just finished filming her very first nude scene for Prozac Nation (2001), which ended up being released a few years after this film, and she realized being naked for a role wasn't that big a deal if it made sense for her character.