Ophelia: "Snogging"? Is that the same thing as "shagging"?

Nigel Bailey: No, not at all. If one were to continue to snog, it could lead to shagging. But in and of itself, it's somewhere above "smooching", but not quite "groping." But in any event, it's a long way from "bonking". Which, of course, is very similar to "shagging".

Zale: I can pay you well.

Sydney Fox: I know, but I'm priceless.

biker: You're a sweet little thing, aren'tcha?

Nigel Bailey: That's no way to talk to a lady.

biker: [to Nigel] I was talking to you.

Sydney Fox: [after hiding from three gunmen] I've never seen you run so fast.

Nigel Bailey: [out of breath] I've never been so highly motivated

Sydney Fox: I'm talking about something much more serious than a curse! I'm talking about a crazy woman in a bustier!

Omar: Do you think me a fool?

Nigel Bailey: Oh, no no no no no. You, a fool? No no no. Certainly not.

Kurt Reiner: I need you like a need another does of yellow fever.

Sydney Fox: Yellow, the perfect colour for a coward.

Kurt Reiner: That's not what you said in Katmandu.

Sydney Fox: Forget Katmandu.

Nigel Bailey: Oh, what happened in Katmandu?

Sydney Fox: Nothing happened in Katmandu!

Nigel Bailey: Am I still alive?

Sydney Fox: Yeah, and it still looks like you have all your teeth.

Nigel Bailey: Well, that's something to be grateful for.

Nigel Bailey: [they find a coffin] Open it.

Karen Petrusky: You open it.

Nigel Bailey: [whispering] Why are you whispering? And why me?

Karen Petrusky: [steps behind him] You're closer.