Screenwriter Darryl Quarles came up with the name "Big Momma" based on a childhood nickname that neighborhood kids gave his mother.

Filming and post-production took place over a period of five months.

Martin Lawrence fell into a three-day coma from jogging in warm costumes during summer filming. For any physically active scenes, his fat suit required built-in cooling tubes to help the actor.

Nia Long was in talks to join the cast of Charlie's Angels (2000). She was persuaded to join this film upon receiving a bunch of roses with the attached note "Come to us where you'll be the only angel."

The final scenes required inventive shooting of Nia Long, who had to be shot from the neck up as she was pregnant.

Although set in Georgia, the entire film was shot in California.

When Ella Mitchell disrobes in the bathroom, a body double is used.

Ella Mitchell is a renowned Broadway actress who is noted for her singing voice, which is used in the film's final scene where she belts out "Oh, Happy Day."

While Martin Lawrence spends most of the film encased in latex, Ella Mitchell also required prosthetics. Her nose wasn't as big as Lawrence's and required augmenting to make the similarity between the two "women" more believable.

An animated opening was partially completed before it was scrapped.

One of only four films to be released on the short-lived Enhanced Versatile Disc (EVD) format.