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  • "Coo of the Far Seas" may be somewhat unknown and low profile, but is nonetheless a nice, fun movie that packs action and a environmentalist message.

    The movie starts as Obata finds a strange creature, which he names Coo. At first, the movie starts at a moderate pace, as the relation between Obata and Coo develops. Soon, however, other parties interested in the creature will begin to cause trouble and what started really nice and peaceful becomes a battle for the creature's safety and some other major issues. It's a really fun movie, and the action seems like an analogy to today's conflict: humans fighting for nature against others who show no respect towards nature and won't care to cause damage to fulfill their goals. The movie's antagonist are such people- they are really, really hateful as they represent the humans' worst traits.

    While the movie isn't really something new and it has some typical clichés here and there, it's a really good film. It's story and some elements are somewhat childish (for example, as the relation between Coo and Obata develops, I couldn't avoid noticing similarities with some other Japanese animations, such as Pokemon, where such human-creature relations are present) but that's not a bad thing- just some people may not dig it as children do. But still, this movie was far above my expectations (there really weren't much, as there's no much info about it).
  • "Coo of the Far Seas" is a great adventure/drama anime from 1993, directed by Tetsuo Imazawa and produced by Toei Animation.

    Basic plot: The day after a great storm hitting a small family's island, a young boy named Yusuke finds a baby dinosaur while riding his jet-ski. He takes it to his dad and they decide to keep it for a while. However, there is a big problem they have to face; several parties are also interested in this 65 million year old creature, and some of them are not so nice...

    This 116-minute-long film is a great, exciting movie which should be better known than it really is. It is also a great movie to be watched by a whole family. The animation is pretty good, and so is the storytelling in this film. Julian Lennon's song "Children of the World", and the song which plays over the end credits are also fine.

    Actually, I just so agree with IMDb-user Pablo who reviewed this film three years before I did, in many aspects. And then I'm especially talking about the action itself as well as the environmental message the animation team managed to pack into this anime movie. Like how some of the humanity simply don't care about whatever happens to the nature around us just to reach whatever goal they have, even if it eventually costs the lives of several creatures. It's just too bad not many anime movies/series take on this type of messages as this film does.

    Again, this film should be better known than it really is, and is a great animated film to be watched by a family. Highly recommended. Overall rating is 9/10.