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  • megaxtreme26 April 2018
    This is an extremely nice piece of work. It's all about the scenes, sequences,lighting....i mean the direction was excellent...i guess it all falls within the realm of cinematography but it starts with the writing. This thing had that certain something you'll never find in big studio formula movies that star guys like colin farrell, jason stathom, russel crowe, etc. etc. and you'll never find that certain something in anything with chris pratt.....he is the antithesis to that certain something (aka cool factor) that makes actors and movies cool and good, and is a prime example of the hollywood money machine that is not interested in talent. This was way up there in the movies with a major cool factor, point break being the epitome as of date. It's not about the size of the production/budget it's just a certain something that happens when talent is at work and allowed to create, it's in some major studio stuff and some no budget stuff, but very few in relation to most, and this had it going on for sure.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I bought this movie for 50 pence so I didn't have huge expectations. The theme is of interest as I have some knowledge of club doors and the premise of an ex-soldier going to work on a an L.A. door is a good idea that could potentially offer an insight into a gritty underworld.

    The acting is not terrible but is in truth fairly amateur however it's hard to gauge the quality because the production values ARE terrible.

    The lighting is awful and the shots are so dimly lit that it almost seems black and white and you sometimes can't see the characters properly. The sound is awful and in one of the early key scenes where the lead character is being introduced to his employers at the club where most of the action takes place, the dialogue is drowned out by background traffic. Background noise is a problem throughout this movie and you have to strain your ears to hear what is being said. This may explain the fact why this movie is ridiculously over-scored. It's not that the music is bad. It's just that there is background music played almost every other scene and it doesn't compliment the actors' dialogue but drowns out and/or detracts from what they're saying.

    Also there's not much in the way of reality here. I've never once seen a bouncer do a spinning karate kick on a punter however they seem to be here in abundance.

    In summary this would get bad marks if it was a student film and how it got released and made it as far as the UK is beyond me. The premise does offer potential for a good movie and if this film was re-made with a decent cast, professional production values and some re-works to the script with consultation from a real doorman to provide some realism to the fight scenes, there would be a good movie here, so the makers of the film should consider re-pitching the idea in my opinion.