• 83
    Sean Axmaker Seattle Post-Intelligencer
    Anderson is a hopeless romantic in a cynical world, and for a brief moment he makes the case that true love is the only power that can crack time and space.
  • 75
    Michael Sragow Baltimore Sun
    "Happy Accidents" should retire Tomei's status as part of a show-biz urban legend and establish her once and for all as one of our most versatile and engaging performers.
  • 75
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times
    Essentially silliness crossed with science fiction. The actors make it fun to watch.
  • 70
    Todd McCarthy Variety
    A lighthearted yarn designed to stand out by virtue of its intricate structure and trippy time-travel element. But the fanciful material wears thin pretty quickly, the air leaking out of the balloon long before party's over.
  • 63
    Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune
    Doesn't have the negative qualities of many big-studio romantic comedies, but it doesn't quite take flight.
  • 60
    Ed Park Village Voice
    The leads smooth over the plot holes endemic to all 4D fables, making the movie more than mere déjà vu.
  • 50
    Lou Lumenick New York Post
    This is an overlong film interesting chiefly for its performances.
  • 50
    Jami Bernard New York Daily News
    D'Onofrio is a natural for the role of a romantic who just may be a freak. A highly physical actor, he ranges between sweetly awkward and a candidate for the kind of mental hospital shown in "Session 9."
  • 50
    Washington Post
    The actors make a good team in this film, and they're playing well-defined characters, but the script is so repetitive that we get mighty impatient for the mystery to be resolved.
  • 42
    Kim Morgan Portland Oregonian
    All guts, no glory and, worse, bad story.