UK distributor Hamish McAlpine dropped the film after Larry Clark punched him in the face at a celebratory dinner.

Larry Clark shot Bully (2001), Teenage Caveman (2002) and Ken Park (2002) in a span of nine months.

The screenplay is based on newspaper clippings, tabloid television stories and Larry Clark's diaries. Clark first tried to write the screenplay himself but couldn't come up with anything satisfactory. It was then going to be written by a professional screenwriter before Clark finally commissioned Harmony Korine.

There is a real Ken Park who was a professional skater in the 1980s.

The ending of Harmony Korine's script was changed by Larry Clark.

The tennis match during the auto-erotic asphyxiation scene is stock footage and sounds were dubbed over to make it sound more suggestive.

The film was refused classification by The Office of Film and Literature Classification and is currently banned for screening in Australia as of June 2003.

The film was shot on 35mm film, but the deal made with the $1.3 million budget stated it would be shot on video.

On 3rd July, 2003 a public screening from an imported DVD was shown at the Balmain Town Hall (New South Wales, Australia) but shut down after a raid by the Police. No arrests were made.

Larry Clark: at the end of the film, as the owner of "Larry's" hot dog stand.