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  • I've owned this movie for a while, and only needed to see it once before deciding to run to the store to buy it. As a matter of fact, I'm watching it right now, but I got on here and looked it up because I wanted to see what other movies the writer had written (unfortunately---it's the only one.) After looking at the ratings and comments I had to voice my own opinion.

    "The Wedding Planner" has everything you could ask from a romantic comedy. Predictability is always a factor, but come on! Do we really watch these types of movies expecting to be surprised at the ending? This film is quirky; all the actors and actresses don't miss a beat and they keep it real. No matter how many times I watch it, I still find something to laugh or smile at.

    I haven't yet met a MAN that likes this movie, but if you're a girl that wants something sweet, funny, entertaining, and the "romantic dream"..... in other words: a flick you watch with a pint of ice cream ( =P ) then this is the one for you.

    The directing is great, the dialog is entertaining, the acting is enjoyable, the movie over-all is fantastic. It's just sweet...even my mom likes it! O_O

    Honestly, stop judging the movie like you're some kind of almighty critic, and watch it for what it is. If you don't like the genre, then pick something else to watch ^_^ Me? I'll stick with "The Wedding Planner".
  • Jennifer Lopez is right at home playing the strong, intelligent professional, Mary, and despite her inability to properly tell a joke ("What, you think Kissinger wrote his own stuff?) or properly communicate strong emotion (like despair), she does well in the cutesy moments. Matthew McConaughey is charming as the conflicted Steve, and expertly plays both his character's dry, cynical side and his boyish joyfulness. The two play against one another well, unlike the boring Fran, whose idea of the perfect wedding song is Olivia Newton-John's "I Honestly Love You," and who can't seem to find one legitimate reason why she wants to marry Steve in the first place.

    As there are no other true funny characters, Massimo is perhaps intended to provide the film's comic relief, but his "humor" flows less from witty screen writing and masterful delivery and more from the director's mistaken assumption that every line a character delivers in broken English must be funny. Overall, "The Wedding Planner" does a good job of fulfilling audience expectations and creating characters that, while likable, are simply rom-com archetypes. The true romantic, unsatisfied with paltry declarations of love and empty representations of it, hopes for a bit more.

    Read my full review here: weddingthe-wedding-planner/
  • The only thing more baffling than how movies this bad could ever be made is how movies this bad could go to #1 in the box office. I despair for humanity at times. The Wedding Planner features a rehashed and unoriginal plot, poor acting, no funny moments, and a ridiculous scene where Jennifer Lopez is prepared to risk getting flattened by a runaway dumpster in order to pull her shoe out of a hole in the street. riiiiiight!
  • reinx11 December 2002
    Seriously, this movie gets about a negative 20. Jennifer Lopez has always been a mystery to me, why does she do acting? She's obviously awful at it. The characters are pretty flat, the story is painfully predictable and upsettingly trite.
  • The Wedding Planner tells an identifiable story about falling in love and failing to recognize it.

    The Wedding Planner stars Jennifer Lopez as Mary Fiore, a hardworking, beautiful, single woman of Italian descent, who has made a reputable career as a wedding planner. Fully dedicated to her work, Mary successfully coordinates all the details of her wealthy clients' weddings. She even acts as a kind of therapist, transmitting to the brides and grooms-to-be the optimism that relieves them of their "second-thoughts", and that allows them to fulfill their true dreams of marrying. Yet one day, a literal "faux pas" turns Mary's orderly life upside-down: she walks across a street and gets her shoe stuck in a manhole. Just then, a dumpster menacingly rolls down the steep San Francisco street, towards her. Noticing that the dumpster is rapidly gaining speed, a young man rushes to help Mary out of her dilemma. The two are instantly enveloped by the rush of the moment, falling victims to love at first sight. Soon, however, fate shows its cruel side, proving that the handsome Steve Edison (Mathew McConaughey) is tied to Fran Donelly (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras), one of Mary's most promising clients. In the meantime Salvatore (Alex Rocco), Mary's concerned father, tries to inspire her to consider her childhood inamorato Massimo (Justin Chambers), who just arrived from Italy. Torn between acting sensibly and fulfilling her long suppressed dreams of marrying, Mary must first determine which love is the one destined for her.

    The Wedding Planner exploits the physical beauty of its star (Lopez) and emphasizes her character's style and professionalism at work, while defining her personality as that of a free-spirited, down-to-earth person who enjoys dancing and playing Bingo with her father and his elderly friends. Similarly, her costar (McConaughey) is depicted as a good-looking, sensitive man who enjoys his work as a pediatrician. However, the film's secondary characters, especially Mary's family, friends and coworkers, are sketchy and mostly inconsequential. Thus, The Wedding Planner creates a story that solely revolves around the coupling of its two main characters; a choice which makes The Wedding Planner's plot extremely predictable, although at times amusing. While the plot complications are limited to the unavailability of either of the two main characters (where Steve is unable to abandon his prior commitments and Mary is ready to take up new ones), The Wedding Planner is most enjoyable when it creates romantic settings for its lovesick characters.
  • The whole plot seems forced, and things that are not funny are just crammed into this movie by the truckload. Jennifer lopez was rushing her lipstick application when she heard Matthew McConaughey's voice coming. How is that supposed to be funny ? Yet the director seems to think it's funny.

    There are many things that seems irrelevant, and stupid.

    I definitely recommend to AVOID this movie at all cost.
  • qunod18 February 2016
    Someone put this on in a crowded bar, and everyone gathered around to watch it. Naturally, I did too. I made this account to say that I had the utmost displeasure of experiencing this movie and have to say that the cinematography is like that of a low budget film you would see during the daytime and the acting almost rivals that of the room. The fact that this was involved in the Razzies and only won an award in the Kids' Awards speaks great volumes. Terrible acting, script, plot, everything. Don't watch this; if you're mad enough to watch it bring a double barrelled shotgun: that way, if you miss the first time, you can shoot for a second time and hopefully kill yourself instead of having your eyes exposed to Satan's creation to torture paedophiles.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I got to watch this movie I thought it would really suck, but I got disappointed. This movie is by no means great, actually I think it is quite bad, BUT it has it´s qualities. The story - while not very subtle - has a few interesting points. The acting is not great, but it is not that bad, either.

    There is even a scene which I consider quite funny (the dancing thing, I do not want to include a spoiler on a movie that does not provide that much of a tension, so I am keeping this statement vague). I would not recommend to watch this, but if by some means you are being pushed to watch it, it will not mean that much pain.
  • A story already seen a hundred times, not a single little tiny surprise, actors at their worst level begging for something smart to say.JLO looks as sexy as a nun (It could have the only reason to take look). Well if you love Cinema, and if you love JLO be pitiful to her, forget this movie(if we can call this a movie) I just cannot remember something worst, even the TV version of Conan the Barbarian looks like a Shakespeare play compared to it.I guess it deserves a good place in the Guinness Book.
  • Adam Shankman's second try to direct a movie has resulted in a total disaster. It is an uninspired creation, featuring an uninspired cast. Watching this movie is like watching a stampede of wildebeasts coming your way. You know what is going to happen, and the only solution is to run. The story is one big cliché, with not even one attempt to make it fresh. Lopez and McConaughey seem to have been cast for their looks only (Which doesn't surprise me at all for Lopez, as I have never been convinced of her acting qualities). They have no chemistry and do not even seem to be interested in the characters they are playing, making the whole a very boring affair to look at. This is not a movie but a commercial product, a blatant attempt to squeeze some more money out of the public. And, with an opening week of $13,5 million, apparently some people will just watch anything that moves and has a pretty face.

  • lkarhu10 December 2002
    I really do love romantic comedies, but this one was so stupid, so simple, so naive, that it made me feel sick. The chemistry between the main couple - or any of the couples - was so superficial! An other same kind of movie, My Best Friend's Wedding (Julia Roberts film), is not my favourite either, but it has at least some sense and moral. Comparing to this -- piece of junk.
  • "The Wedding Planner" is just another romantic comedy, and just another one starring Jennifer Lopez, and just another one starring Matthew McConaughey. As I have said before, Jennifer Lopez has such a beautiful feminine figure that I would prefer to see her as the romantic lead as opposed to most other Hollywood actresses working today. McConaughey is of course sexy with a laid-back charm, but that's just who he is.

    This particular romantic comedy isn't all that funny, but the writers did seem to know which elements were necessary and included them. We find out McConaughey's secret the same time Lopez does, which is good because it helps us identify with our main heroine and we don't have to sit uncomfortably before the characters do. They also gave us another man - he's supposed to provide comic relief, and I did at least enjoy him. We also need to dislike the fiancée. Cast Bridgette Wilson and make her a stuck-up snob, so that is easily accomplished.

    One thing that I found that "The Wedding Planner" has over lesser romantic comedies, is genuine chemistry between the leads. Although it's certainly lacking in the comedy, I found the romance tangible.
  • True, "The Wedding Planner" does have its share of cinematic conceits. Just watching the previews, you pretty much have a good idea what's going to happen in the end. But unlike many romantic comedies, this is not predictable by the minute. The characters are likable and charming, and you get quite engrossed in them. The actors are charming as well. Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McCoughnahey are equally good and have a fine chemistry. The scenes, in general, are handled in a sweet-natured fashion without becoming nauseatingly sentimental. The opening scene is very original and made me laugh. In the first scene, we get an idea of how Mary (Lopez) plans her weddings, staging them like a secret service operation, strapping wires to the bride and groom, feeding them suggestions as they walk down the aisle and making sure all the guests are in order pronto. There are certain moments of "sitcom stupidity." There's a scene where Steve (McCoughnahey) gets his hand stuck to a statue's privates. The comedy was badly timed and the scene appeared quite lame. A similar joke was used in Rodney Dangerfield's "Meet Wally Sparks," but was done in a much more structured manner and spawned hilarious results. About the member of the cast who I felt was a little hammy was Alex Rocco as Mary's Sicilian father. His accent comes and goes, and in some scenes he struggles so much with it that he starts talking like someone with down syndrome. Fred Willard has a short but funny, scene-stealing role (when hasn't Willard stolen the show?) as a ballroom dance teacher. There are some moments in the plot that are forced and created simply to move the film along, so we can quickly arrive at the "juicy climax." One of the subplots involves Mary's father trying to fix his daughter up with this silly, thick-accented Sicilian cassanova. He wants her to get married to him, but she refuses. Throughout the film, they don't seem to have any more than a friendly bond. Yet later in the film, he makes a sweet proposal and Mary actually agrees to marry him. The ending is far-fetched and over-the-top, and though I can't discuss it you've probably seen this ending before. One thing I have to credit the writers for is refusing to make Fran (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras--Man, is she sooooo beautiful!!!) a total b**ch, like they would in most films of a similiar plot. The way the formula goes is the guy's engaged this girl, while another girl captures his heart. But the girl he's engaged to is usually so unlikable that you wonder why he wanted to marry her in the first place. I'm glad they didn't take that cheap route. Even Fran has a certain charm to her character. The charming characters and the charming actors are really what makes this movie worth seeing. Yes, it's pretty much (though less than usual) a formula romantic comedy, but a likable one because of the way we're captured by the people on screen. This is not a great film, it has its dull moments, it has its silly moments, but it's often a fun and pleasant movie experience. You'll fall in love with "The Wedding Planner."

    My score: 7 (out of 10)
  • po5mrk26 January 2001
    The Wedding Planner is the must see date movie of the year. It's a romantic comedy with all the right elements. But it goes above and beyond the standard chick-flick with so many lovable characters that you can't decide which one you want to win at the game of love!

    Matthew McConaughey is Prince Charming as Pediatrician Steve Edison, a successful yet sweet man about to marry the "ideal girl". Jennifer Lopez is fantastic as a wedding planner who can seem to find herself a good man so she obsesses over everything else instead.

    I give this movie 5 stars and two big thumbs up! To sum it all up: it's charming, funny, sweet, sentimental and just down right pleasant.
  • Jennifer Lopez has gotten herself into quite a quandry of sorts here. Only as of recently has her musical career exploded internationally, her focus on acting seems to be diverted elsewhere as her last few movies have been quite awful (ie. "ANGEL EYES", "U-TURN"). Before her musical career took off, her movie roles were quite commendable (ie. "OUT OF SIGHT", "SELENA"). For Jennifer, it is unfortunate that I feel she should have to choose between one career or the other because I don't think she can handle both. She is a great singer and she can be a great actress but it is apparent that she can't manage both at the same time. This mess of a movie is supposed to showcase her 'comedic' talents yet displays the worst side of her one-dimensional acting abilities.

    The trailers for this movie depicted "THE WEDDING PLANNER" to be a few hours of enjoyable romantic light fluff that anyone could enjoy on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, I turned this movie off half way through after my nerves finally gave in.

    Yes, Jennifer Lopez portrays a successful wedding planner who is successful in her career but apparently unlucky in love. That is of course until she has a 'run-in' with her knight in shining armor (dryly portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in a 'phone-in' role). The only problem here is that Matthew is getting married to one of her new clients and she may very well be doomed to a loveless life married to some loser from high school who used to pick on her. It's a no-brainer in figuring out how this movie will end.

    Yes, movies like "SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE", "WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING" and "FRENCH KISS" were enjoyable romantic comedies. We all knew how they were going to end yet we enjoyed the two hour journey that we had to take in order to see the grand finale. Unfortunately for "THE WEDDING PLANNER", the two hours are a rocky mess that tries to pair two unlikely characters with no chemistry whatsoever backed by a sound-track filled with Jennifer's own songs. The only thing I really enjoyed watching was the San Francisco scenery (how can one not love that city?)

    Usually when the grand finale in these romantic films happen, you generally leave the theater feeling warm and fuzzy inside or at least basically satisfied for the plot outcome of the characters. When "THE WEDDING PLANNER" finished, I could only think "Good, I'm glad this garbage is over."

    For a generic romantic comedy, "THE WEDDING PLANNER" fails to deliver. It could have worked had the characters shared at least a little bit of chemistry, but I didn't even pick up that vibe from what I saw. The credits close with Jennifer's hit song, "My Love Don't Cost A Thing" and that generally tops off the point I raised at the beginning of my review - Jennifer needs to choose between singing or acting because her film career is beginning to suffer as a result.

    My Rating - 2 out of 10
  • "The Wedding Planner" is a comedy and romance movie which has to do with a woman who is a wedding planner and she fell in love with a man who finally will be the groom of the most important wedding in her entire carrier. We watch her being in a dilemma and this has to do with what is she going to do, is she going to help the groom with his wedding or is she going to be his bride.

    In this movie we have a simple romance story between a simple woman with an important and rich man, a simple plot and direction by Adam Shankman. Also in this movie we have some good interpretation by Matthew McConaughey who plays as Steve Edison and I am sure that he want to forget this movie as fast as he can and Jennifer Lopez who plays as Mary Fiore.

    If you are a fan of romance movies then "The Wedding Planner" is a movie which I am sure that you will love it. If you are not fan then just do not watch this movie and do not lose your time on it.
  • This is a very simple movie and as we know simple is a sweet and wonderful thing. Everything about this movie is crying out for a peaceful, slow evening movie. The actor and actress are smart and did good job. I like the role of the Jennifer Lopez very much. Especially in the movie her acting is very good and her speaking style is also very good. This is my first film of her. Her performance is very good and also the directors also done very well in the movie. It is very funny. How I say that it is comedian movie I don't know about this. Because some time it make us very sad. It is very good romantic movie but I am sure that this movie won't win any Oscars award, but if you're in the mood for a good romance comedy, this one should be at the top of your list. Let your brain rest, sit back, and enjoy. @@
  • Let's make a list of the major flaws in this movie.

    1. Jennifer Lopez is one of, if not, the most famous Latina entertainers in the world. Why make her Italian?

    2. Justin Chambers is horrible as the love forlorn Italian immigrant. His accent is so bad is ruins his otherwise likable character.

    3. Lopez and Matthew McConaughey generate no chemistry. I just did not care what happened to them. I hoped that Lopez would go for the other guy.

    4. This movie is an excuse to promote Lopez songs.

    Movies in which a bright and intelligent woman falls for a spineless letch are starting to wear on me. I just could not believe that a character as strong a Lopez's would fall for such a weiner.

    That said, Brigette Wilson and Alex Rocco are great, and there are some fun moments in this film. But please - did the makers of this film watch the scene where Lopez takes a bottle of "solvent" out of her purse to remove a stone penis that his glued to McConaugehy's hand? Good thing she had that solvent! ** out of ****.
  • clubmike0029 July 2001
    No chemistry, no laughs, no reason to care!

    Do you think people set out to make a lousy film? Or do they realize they're making one while in production??

    An utter waste of time.
  • triple829 January 2004
    This is a JLO romantic comedy. Make no mistake this movie defines the term "by the numbers". It is predictable to a tee, has the typical "formula" plot and sticks to it rigorously. BUT then again-if your looking for a piece of predictable fluff.... you could do worse.

    This maybe predictable but it IS at times mildly entertaining. At lease this is watchable and kind of cute-Although you never believe for a moment that Jennifer Lopez character is anyone other then JLO at least the movie doesn't drag as with a lot of movies of this "formula genre" as I like to call them. It's an entertaining(mildly) way to pass an hour or two-I'd give this 6 out of 10.
  • Take every Meg Ryan/Sandra Bullock/Julia Roberts movie, add a dash of Father Of The Bride parts 1 and 2 and you get the idea. WARNING: This movie is for chicks only!! If you must be dragged there by your girlfriend and forced to endure this meaningless, formula fluff, than she should have to go to at least 5 football games with you! Maybe in the fantasyland this movie takes place in, someone who looks like Jennifer Lopez would be the real world she needs 10 huge bodyguards just to keep all the would be suiters away from her. Who cares really anyway? This is a movie made by a huge faceless studio and directed by a dance instructor, where every element is tested by computers for the mass appeal rating. Every frame reeks of cute and demographic target audience. If you are a girl you will probably like this movie, if you are a guy than you should fake a horrible illness to avoid going.
  • Three astonishingly pretty actresses in Jennifer Lopez, Bridgette Wilson and Judy Greer can't help this sugar sweet and sentimental chick-flick. The plot is to say the least thin - it is totally predictable and the story has been done a hundred times before. This movie never takes off and is dull from beginning till end. No laughs. The characters are uninteresting and you never really care about any one of them.

    If you're looking for a romantic comedy, I'd say pick another - there are so many better ones out there. My advice is to stay away from this Hollywood waste-of-time garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK so I saw this a few years ago on TV and it was on last night so I decided to watch it because I liked Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan and I am a hopeless romantic.

    The Wedding Planner is about a young woman named Mary Flores(played by Jennifer Lopez ot J-Lo for short) who is an ambitious and hardworking wedding planner who tries to create the perfect weddings for her clients. One day she accidentally gets her high heel shoe stuck in a manhole and a taxi man drops his ice cream in the car and hits a bin that nearly kills Mary. Suddenly a handsome doctor named Steve(Eddie)Edison (played by Matthew McConnaghey) comes to sweep her off her feet and to her rescue. She later becomes smitten with him,but she gets a shock when she finds out that he is engaged to be married to another woman who happens to be Mary's clients Francine (played by Bridget Sampros) (Oh No).

    Anyway while his fiancé goes off for a week Mary spends some more time with Steve and she begins to fall in love with him. Mary of course is supposed to be engaged to Marcello(Justin Chambers who was in Grey's Anatomy as Alex who is sporting a fake Italian accent that is so bad you couldn't help but laugh). Of course you know that she ends up with Steve in the end which is so cute yet kinda wrong as she stole someone else's fiancée who was so stupid she decides to not marry him after and goes off on their honeymoon on her own.

    I think Hollywood is running out of ideas when it comes to making Romcoms as they are loosely based on the same thing again and again.

    Having said the above I thought it was a cute Rom- Com that will have you either loving it or hating it. Matthew McConnaghey was hot in this and J-Lo was a bit wooden in some parts but still she's just acting like the same character again and again.

    Nothing new here but still worth watching on a lazy afternoon.

  • Warning: Spoilers

    Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is a wedding planner and single. Her own wedding failed. One day Steve Edison, a doctor (Matthew Mc Conaughey) saves her live in an accident. She falls in love with him. Unfortunately, she´s his new client...

    "While you were sleeping", "Sleepless in Seattle", "Pretty woman" - examples for well done romantic comedies. But in the latest time there have been lots of bad ones. When I say "bad", I mean films like "Runaway bride" - which had such a wooden and constructed script that even Julia Roberts and Richard Gere couldn´t save it. "The wedding planner" belongs to the good ones. Why? Let me explain the three basic rules of romantic comedies:

    No. 1 Those people who read my comments, may have noticed that I often talk about that: the actors should have C-H-E-M-I-S-T-R-Y. A romantic comedy stands and falls with the chemistry. Especially the wonderful scenes in the park proof it! Magic!!!

    No. 2 The happy ending is a clear thing (an exception: "Green card"). HOW the two find each other should be exciting, and it should be told in a not too complicated kind - S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T!

    No. 3 Sounds banal, but the humor should have T-I-M-I-N-G like in any other comedy, too.

    In my opinion "The wedding planner" has all these three things! Matthew and Jennifer are a such a damned cute couple! The both saved my rainy Sunday afternoon. I left the theater walking on clouds! Believe me folks, this film works!!!

    One word: sweet!
  • This is one of those movies that you rent/watch for your significant other. I rented it for my wife since most of my movies as of recent have been mostly for me. However, I tried to keep an open mind and give it a fair shake. Unfortunately, this movie just fell below my already low expectations. First time director and first time screenwriters, what can you expect?

    The script was just not believable. I know that romantic comedies have the liberty of taking some license here and there, but I just didn't buy so much of this movie that the whole thing just seemed fake. For starters, we're supposed to believe that Jennifer Lopez is an Italian immigrant? Come on! Her father (Alex Rocco) doesn't sound Italian, he sounds retarded. I don't even know why she had to be an immigrant. There was nothing in the plot that required her being from another country, except for the fact that her father trys to arrange a marriage, which was just another unnecessary plot device. There's just so much that was wrong with this script, I'm just amazed that the leading actors signed on to this project.

    The talent in this movie was fairly decent. Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey had some chemistry and they looked good together. Kathy Najimy is a wonderful comedic actress and her scene with Jennifer was very good and believable. Fred Willard, and Kevin Pollak are the other actors that do comedic roles extremely well, but their talents were simply not tapped. They did what they could, but they simply had nothing to work with. IMHO I think Jennifer Lopez signed on because she was friends with Adam Shankman (he's a choreographer) and once she signed on, everyone else jumped on board for their resume.
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