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  • "Un amore" means "a love" and this film is the history of a love. They met the first time at the university, they have left and re-met several times. They have been married with another man and another woman but they cannot live separated. The film concludes the first day of year 2000 therefore in the future (film has been released in the month of August of 1999). The love of one life or one love life? The film is nice but a little sad.
  • This film is pathetic. It's about the romantic relationship betweeen two people (a man and a woman). But you never know WHY they fall in love, since the director fails to evoke any symphaty for the two main characters in the viewer. They just meet one day, and the next day they are "in love". It's like watching two strangers making out on the bus for two hours. Gross. The acting is dreadful. Many moments made me cringe and want to leave the theatre, like the scene where the two characters meet in a disco. The references to italian cultural history couldn't be more stereotypical (from the perspective of the intellectual left). I'm still waiting the time when italian cinema will abandon these intellectualistic, fake, boring themes and make a honest film with substance.
  • Grega-231 January 2000
    I've seen this movie and I came out really disgusted! The movie tell us about love... The problem is that this is not love this is really something else. Most of the time is absolutely pathetic! I really hope NEVER to fall in a stupid relation story such this movie tell us. ORRIBLE!