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  • My "Clerks" story.

    I saw the first episode of "Clerks" ever broadcast (I think it was the 4th episode made). I didn't know there was a movie called "Clerks." But I loved the show. And I also watched the 2nd episode of "Clerks" (which was the second episode), and loved it even more. How absurd! How hilarious to make the 2nd episode a clip show!

    I was disappointed to learn it was cancelled, but I bought the video of all the episodes, and after watching all of them, I saw the original movie "Clerks" as well. Sure, the movie was better, but I think they pulled off the show quite well without using the dirty words.

    Bottom line: Watch "Clerks" the movie, and watch "Clerks: The Animated Series" too.
  • "Clerks: The Animated Series" didn't get enough airtime considering it was one of the best cartoons on a national network. The cartoon series is a continuation of the adventures of Dante and Randall, two begrudging peddlers of the convenience store trade who make Star Wars references, talk about past relationships, and trying to move up in the world. Granted, it's not going to be like the movie but that's alright. Smith decides to replace it with a particularly offbeat brand of humor with Dante and Randall getting into adventure after adventure. All done on a grand scale. Alec Baldwin is particularly funny as the show's closeted capitalist villain as well as Charles Barkley, completely f**king up his image in good spirits, as himself. Definitely worth a look for it's off the wall comedy.
  • I first heard about this on and was interested as a Jay and Silent Bob fan. I managed to see some episodes and I must say. ABC are stupid, this cartoon manages to be surreal and crazy without destroying the serious bit to the original film, and like any Kevin Smith piece Jay and Silent Bob pop up to annoy Dante and Randall. Now, if you are thinking, "But this show probably doesn't have cursing, how can there be Jay and Silent Bob without cursing?" I don't know how they did it but it works. The stoner duo manage to stay funny without four letter words. This cartoon series, that was sadly cancelled, should have been up there with the likes of Family Guy, Futurama, etc. Hopefully, like Family Guy, it will be resurrected.

    Probably not.
  • It's really too bad that Clerks was up against the two highest rated events of the summer season- Survivor on CBS and the NBA Finals on NBC. I'm sure that the unfortunate scheduling contributed heavily to the lack of ratings; in some markets, including mine, the second episode wasn't even shown, because of the heavyweight competition. (Luckily, my local station sent me a videocassette of ep. 2.)

    Both episodes of Clerks were hilarious, but not uniformly so. There are parts of both episodes that dragged, and parts of both that actually kind of shocked me. (Randall explaining to the jury how alike they and Dante are; the Indian convenience store). My friends and I, while enjoying the show immensely, realized there was no way the average viewer would even understand much of the cartoon, let alone appreciate the in-jokes and find the whole affair funny- in fact, there are parts of each that many would find downright offensive. While we wish the show would have continued (and perhaps with more equal competition, the show could have matured into something really good), perhaps it's best that the shows just come out on video for the benefit of the converted.

    My main problem with the show was the stylistic similarity to "The Critic"- most of the jokes were not only pop-culture based, but they were essentially non-sequiters, contributing nothing to the story. Their use in the original movie fit in with the feel of the film- that of bored coworkers who are just killing time. They felt awkward, though, nestled in the sitcom-like plot of the cartoon.

    All in all- recommended for the Clerks fans out there; everyone else may want to see the movies before seeing the cartoon.
  • Figgiedan26 February 2001
    Bought the 6-episode DVD "Clerks" earlier this week -- there is some very funny stuff in it. Not only are all the actors from the film "Clerks" supplying the voices, but there are some great cameos as well. Judge Reinhold, James Woods, Kids in the Hall and Sat Night Live alumni and a recurring character played by Alec Baldwin. It has its moments and it's too bad it was cancelled, but it really could've done much much more being on a pay channel versus a network channel who always need lessons tagged on at the end of a comedy show. Some of the commentary is interesting too. It includes Kevin Smith and the actors and writers. "Clerks" is worth renting - or if you're a fan, buying! Although it's not groundbreaking humor, some of the stuff was pretty funny (satirizes both popular and obscure movies and tv shows) and other stuff falls kind of flat. But worth checking out. My grade: 8 out of 10, a B-. A line that didn't make it into the animated series: "Try not to suck any d--- on your way across the parking lot."
  • I greatly enjoyed this entertaining and criminally short lived animated series. Sure it was different from the 1994 movie (which was very good), but I still like it. A definite plus was having Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith reprising their roles. I also particularly liked the animation. And I can't believe ABC just canceled it after two episodes. What were they thinking? Good thing Comedy Central has aired the series from time to time, otherwise I would've missed out on it and not bothered thinking about getting the DVD. I found every episode hilarious, but the last one was my absolute favorite. Had ABC not been so foolish I think this series would still be in production today.
  • Recently, I began re-watching my Kevin Smith collection. I've been a fan for some time, but sadly, I only owned "Dogma", "Chasing Amy" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". So I went on a hunt for the films missing from my collection. I found "Clerks - The Animated Series Uncensored" used at an electronics store. I knew I was in for something good as soon as I payed for it. There were two guys at the counter. One of them says hi and then took the DVD and looked it. Suddenly his eyes widened. "Oh, man! We had CLERKS?" he said to his companion. "Yep," the other man replied. "When did this come in?" he asked, running it through the scanner. "I dunno." With a final shake of his head, the man placed the DVD in a bag and said, "I wish I'd known we had this. I would've picked it up!" I smiled and walked out of the store. Oh, yeah. I couldn't wait to watch these babies.

    In late May 2000, "Clerks: The Animated Series" made its debut on ABC-TV. The show continues the wacky adventures of Quick Stop clerks Dante and Randal and the two stoners who hang out outside the store: Jay and Silent Bob. All the characters in the show were voiced by the actors in the films; many characters from the View Askewniverse have quick, but fan-satisfying appearances, such as Steve-Dave or Fanboy.

    In the first episode, Dante and Randal try to prevent the destruction of their Quick Stop when a futuristic "Quicker Stop" is invented by billionaire Leonardo Leonardo (voiced by Alec Baldwin). In the second episode, Dante and Randal remember their previous adventures while locked in a freezer. In the third episode, Leonardo Leonardo succumbs to a deadly virus, and the Quick Stop is investigated by an FBI agent (voiced by James Woods). For the fourth episode, the clerks find themselves being sued by Jay in a court led by the honorable Judge Reinhold (voiced by Judge Reinhold). For the fifth episode, Dante becomes the coach of Leonardo Leonardo's pathetic Little League team; and, for the final episode - there really isn't a plot.

    "Clerks" the series is 100% film-nerd material. Film nerds (I know - I am one) will enjoy the show much more than the casual movie watcher. There are multiple references to films and TV shows throughout the series.

    In the end, I really don't know what to say about "Clerks" other than seeing is believing. It completely surpassed my expectations, and is one of - if not the funniest - cartoon I've ever seen. This is the sort of thing slackers sit around and watch all day long. But if you have to be a slacker to watch this series, count me in. I'm proud to have this DVD in my collection.
  • On my list of top 20 movies of all time, at least 4 of them are Kevin Smith's. I *LOVE* his work. That said, I found the Clerks animated series to be boring. The stories were slow and repetitive. The jokes were sophomoric and tedious compared to his usually intelligent humor. I just couldn't get into it. I know what you're thinking, "Jay and Silent Bob? Intelligent humor?!" Ok, so maybe intelligent isn't the word, but it's humor for intelligent people. Compare and contrast with, for example, Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler. Still often VERY funny, but it doesn't take a much wit to get the jokes. This disk was more like that kind of humor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was such a great series. I can't believe that it only lasted 6 episodes, while horrible shows as "Family Guy" aren't canceled yet. I always liked the original "Clerks" movie and almost all the movies from Kevin Smith as well. This series, despite having a different style from the movie, it was pretty good: I loved the new way in which the characters were portrayed (Not to mention the hilarious work of Alec Baldwin as the "villain" Leonardo Leonardo) the humor of the series, that reminded me a lot the way great shows as "The Simpsons" used to be before jumping the shark. The animatio0n and the character designs were very well done, and the voice acting was superb. This show deserved more success and appreciation that it had, and despite having only 6 episodes, I loved them all. I would give this eleven stars if I could.
  • As a Clerks spin-off, this was damn annoying! The complete vulgarity that has made the View Askewniverse popular was replaced with mostly American Dad humor. Randal, originally an intelligent person and lazy perverted jack***, was given the IQ of a brick. The plots were completely transparent and had less realistic substance than Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.

    Ironically, those things are exactly what should have made it a success had it been an independent series! Someone who's never seen the movies (or just isn't a neurotic as I am)could have loved it-- but old fans could find it infuriating.

    The best parts of these cartoons are the segments at the end presented by Jay and Silent Bob. Gratuitous violence, warping children and unexplained celebrity cameos are fun. And I have to admit: cartoon Jay is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life!
  • Just can't understand how anyone who likes the anarchistic humour of the clerks movies can find the bad jokes of this one funny. The ingenious thing about the movies were the actually intelligent characters who were just over the top politically incorrect and anti-social, nothing left of that in the cartoon, here everyone is just acting stupid with Dante wearily rolling his eyes. I guess Smith just couldn't sell his more provocative ideas to the cartoon producers, but given this turn in tone, 6 Episodes are at least five too much. If you want to watch a real funny cartoon, go with "Undergrads", "Home Movies" or "The Oblongs".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Clerks cartoon was little seen, but it is wonderfully funny. Its network time-slot forced it to be sanitized, but this allowed for more visual humor and inspired greater creativity. So, of course, it was canceled after only two episodes (which were barely advertised).

    The show still has the elements that made the movie great, minus the potty mouths. It also adds some inspired lunacy, in the Clerks nemesis, Leonardo Leondardo, voiced brilliantly by Alec Baldwin. The original actors are back, and they show great talent for voice acting. Jeff Anderson especially comes across well, seemingly more at ease behind the microphone than he was in front of the camera.

    The stories are fun and inventive, with the second show being a parody of clip shows (the joke being that they've only had one episode to look back on). The episode revolving around Dante's coaching a little league team and Randal being held prisoner in a mine is truly hysterical. It has great comedy and sends up The Bad News Bears, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Last Starfighter. In fact, movie parodies were a large staple of the show.

    It's a shame that ABC never gave the show the chance it deserved. It was really better suited to HBO or another cable channel, where it would have been less inhibited; but, the creators used those limitations to spark their creativity. The six episodes are available on DVD and are definitely worth the price. The commentary tracks are entertaining (as Smith's usually are) and are very revealing about how producers interact with television networks and how a great show can be sabotaged.
  • I enjoyed the six episodes of "Clerks" and wish they would have made more episodes. I personally think it was foolish of Kevin Smith to reject offers from HBO, as I think his 'toon would have thrived on that channel. ABC mutilated this toon by only showing a third of the episodes, and that's a shame. The wit and humor is impeccable, and Smith understands that cartoon humor is more plastic and unbelievable than the world he portrays in his real-life movies. The actors, for people who don't do voice over work for a living, are fantastic, and really give it their all to bring life to their cartoon counterparts. The parodies of 1980s movies are usually funny, and Smith's sense of nostalgia and bawdy sense of humor greatly work in this cartoons' favor. I like this cartoon much more than "Family Guy," and, had it lived on premium cable, it would have no doubt won Emmys. Do rent or purchase the six-episode, two DVD set. This is one of the cartoons following in the wake of the "Family Guy" boom that was actually good.
  • Clerks is one fantastic cartoon, which is why some fans of the film may have been turned off. I know I was at first. But by the third episode it was obivious that the creators wanted to make a CARTOON SERIES, not twenty minute segments of a sequel to the cult original. After this realisation my enjoyment increased ten-fold. The show looks great, with excellent animation and character design. The six stories are strong and contain great dialogue and set pieces. I love all of Kevin Smith's films, and this complements them perfectly, while still being it's own thing. The show could have (and should have) been huge, and if you need any more proof buy the dvd and see how the first six episodes of this cancelled series hold up to the first six episodes of the simpsons, south park or family guy.

    The 'JAPANAMATION FEVER' set piece alone is worth the asking price!
  • Although it would have been passable as an original television show, it had the misfortune of disgracing the best comedic movie that I've ever seen. While the movie Clerks was deep and funny on many levels, the show displayed a disgusting amount of shallowness. The characters so well conceived and portrayed in the movie were discarded and replaced with annoyingly main stream likenesses. Where Randall was an intelligent smart alec, he is now a non-caring idiot. Previously, Dante had been a guy with a bad luck streak cause by his inability to stand up for himself. While the bad luck is still there, it seems to have only a cosmic explanation. Jay and Bob were once dealers who knew where they were and were secure in it, with a sense of humor to boot. Now, they're imbecilic menaces who apparently have nothing better to do. Gone is the sophisticated humor (bet you twenty bucks you don't get that movie) which was actually funny, now replaced by pop culture references similar to the Simpsons but with worse characters. Call me a purist, but the original movie was far too deep and meaningful for this to do it any justice. Avoid especially if you love the movie clerks.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's sad that ABC didn't have much faith in Clerks, based on the 1994 movie of the same name, because, for what it was, it was a very clever and hilarious animated series. If you've seen the movie you know the central characters--Dante, Randal, Jay, and Silent Bob. Unlike the movie however the series expands beyond the Quick Stop store and allows the characters to interact in different environments and deal with new situations that result in hilarity. I suppose Clerks is probably best left done and buried though because as with most animated sitcoms they usually drag out and start becoming stale( ex. Simpsons and Family Guy) so as it is you have a very underrated and well-written cartoon that you can re-watch all six episodes on DVD.

    Highly recommended.
  • Clerks: Uncensored! Is a 2 disc compilation of 6 episodes from the extremely short lived ABC animated series "Clerks." All 6 episodes are very un-funny, mainly because Jay and Silent Bob, the Milk and Honey of Kevin Smith movies, are completely useless characters. They can't swear, or use any of their normal raunchy humor, which is the best part of the Kevin Smith movies! The DVD features are very good, especially the commentary on all 6 episodes, but if the episodes themselves aren't funny, why would you want to watch this DVD over and over again?
  • I am a die hard Kevin Smith Fan, and I was anxiously awaiting the release of these shows on DVD. When I finally got them, I was a little disappointed. I, like many others, loved the original Clerks movie. I was hoping that this would be similar, but it's not. In the movie, Randall is a sarcastic smart-ass with non-stop funny remarks. In the animated series, he's just a really annoying sidekick. There are a few good laughs in every episode, but the show on a whole is very redundant (which suck because they repeat all the bad jokes). It does have its bright moments with its celebrity impressions (Some of them even did their own voices). To sum it all up, the show is a disappointment and I am not surprised at all that ABC cancelled it.

    I am looking forward to the Animated Clerks Movie "Clerks: Sell Out" that is due out in the near future.

    Laugh-Out-Loud Episode: Episode 4, bear with the first half because the last 10 minutes are hilarious. Recommended for anyone with a sense of humor and a knowledge of popular foreign cartoons.
  • Even though only 2 episodes aired on ABC, the DVD provided 6 of the funny-as-hell episodes that I've seen. The show just about mirrors the black and white film of the same name, only it's in color and there's less cursing for the show to have a TV-14 rating. (It's a network show, after all.)

    Alec Baldwin as the voice of Leonardo Leonardo, who happens to be a clone of The Simpsons' Mr. Burns, provided the comic relief as does NBA star, Charles Barkley, who provides his own voice in some of the episodes.

    If I were the head of ABC, I'd bring Clerks: The Animated Series back to prime-time televison. If not, I'll bring the show to Comedy Central instead.
  • Well, what did you expect when ABC stuck it in a dead time slot? That, and the fact that Sitcom America never heard of the original "Clerks" movie, let alone watched it. It's a shame, because even without the language and the R rated humor, it was still a pretty funny show. I always thought Dante and Randal were Smith's two best creations (even over Jay & Silent Bob) and deserved a sequel of sorts. Sometime the pop references were clever, sometimes they weren't, but there were plenty of 'em. If you're a fan of Kevin Smith's movies, the recent VHS/DVD release is a must have. Naga-nooch!
  • CLERKS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the funniest cartoon ever. Yeah, Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast were nice but this takes the cake.

    Tackling pop culture stuff like Star Wars, anime, court thrillers, video games, the Matrix, their own movie, and even the dreaded clip show, Dante, Randal, Jay(who's slightly edited from his movie and comic self), and of course, Silent Bob live crazy lives while dealing with cliche evil billionare Leonardo Leonardo and his henchman Mr. Plugg.

    This cartoon great. Hilarious lines like "Who's driving? Omigod, bear is driving, how can that be?!" are topnotch. The in jokes are fantastic, and of course there's Alec Baldwin's excellent portrayal of Leonardo Leonardo(and I'm not an Alec Baldwin fan). "Well played, clerks."

    Sadly, this show was taken off the air after two episodes by ABC. Stupid ABC! Your channel sucks anyway!!!!!!! Luckily, all six episodes are on a DVD, and if you like to laugh then it's a must-buy.

    BOTTOM LINE: One of the best non-anime cartoons ever. Also, Cartoon Network should put this on Adult Swim!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Director Kevin Smith gives us one of the best television shows ever with Clerks. The show continues to follow the same 2 slackers Dante Hicks voiced by Brian O'Halloran and Randal Graves voiced by Jeff Anderson Along with Jay voiced by Jason Mewes and Silent Bob voiced by Kevin Smith. The plot lines are hilarious the voice cast is incredible and the humor is just non-stop. It's a shame it only lasted 6 episodes. The show also includes the longest episode titles ever the episodes are1. Leonardo Leonardo Returns And Dante Has An Important Decision To Make, 2. The Clipshow Wherein Dante And Randall Are Locked In The Freezer And Remember Some Of The Greatest Moments In Their Lives, 3. Leonardo Is Caught In The Grip Of An Outbreak Of Randall's Imagination And Patrick Swayze Either Does Or Doesen't Work In The New Pet Store, 4. A Dissertation On The American Justice System By People Who Have Never Been Inside A Courtroom, Let Alone Know Anything About The Law, But Have Seen Way Too Many Legal Thrillers, 5. Dante And Randal And Jay And Silent Bob And A Bunch Of New Characters And Lando Take Part In A Whole Bunch Of Movie Parodiee Including But Not Exclusive To,The Bad News Bears, The Last Starfighter, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, Plus A High School Reuinion 6. The Last Episode Ever. If you are a Clerks or Kevins Smith fan than I definitely recommend it. Fun Fact Jay And Silent Bob were changed from Drug Dealers to Firework Sellers.

    Rated R For Some Sexual Humor.

    2hrs 10min/130min.

    10 uses of the F-word.

  • This very short-lived animated series, based on Kevin Smith's first full-length movie, 1994's low-budget "Clerks", was made years after the film but years before I was familiar with any of the filmmaker's work. Only six episodes were ever made, and only two of them aired before the show was cancelled. Nearly ten years after the VERY brief run of this "Clerks" series, I can finally say I've seen every episode. I was interested in seeing it because I had seen all the movies Smith had made before this show ("Clerks", "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy", and "Dogma"), all of which I found funny, and I like cartoons. This show is definitely different from the live action movie (and Smith's live action movies in general) in more than one way, but that doesn't mean it's not funny.

    The lead characters from the movie, Dante Hicks and Randal Graves, are also the lead characters in this show, and are voiced by Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson, who played them in the film. Dante is still a convenience store clerk and the idiotic Randal is still a clerk at the video store next door to where Dante works. In each episode, the two friends find themselves on a different adventure, and things tend to get more bizarre than they do in the live action film. They regularly meet Jay and Silent Bob, Kevin Smith's two recurring characters that are featured in the vast majority of his movies. These two are also voiced here by the actors who play them in the live action movies, Jason Mewes and Smith himself, but the difference here is that they sell illegal fireworks instead of drugs. A recurring character in this series that is NOT in the movie is Leonardo Leonardo, an evil local millionaire and rival of Dante and Randal's.

    I watched the six episodes all in order, and when I saw the first one, with the hilarious "Is it safe?" opening sequence, it already seemed like I was in for a really funny show, and I wasn't let down. Each episode has some priceless moments, with Dante and Randal's awkward friendship and many bizarre situations they find themselves in. There are many priceless comedic highlights other than the "Is it safe?" gag, such as Randal getting his money back from several different filmmakers in court, which is just one example! Jay and Silent Bob contribute to the humour here, just like they do in live action form. The weakest part of the entire series is probably the two noisy circus twins in the final episode, "The Last Episode Ever", who come into the convenience store during a fair taking place nearby. They reminded me too much of the Jakovasaurs in that one episode of "South Park". However, these twins only appear briefly in "The Last Episode Ever", and there are many other much funnier aspects of that episode, including the "Matrix" parody, another major highlight of the show.

    Differences between the "Clerks" movie and TV show, other than the fact that one is live action and the other is animated, include the show being less realistic and more chaotic than the 1994 film, doing things that would likely take a big budget to do in live action format, something Kevin Smith certainly didn't have when he made the live action movie. Another difference is that due to some TV restrictions, the explicit sex talk and swearing had to be toned down, though the vulgarity certainly wasn't completely avoided. However, despite these differences, one thing this short-lived TV show from 2000 has in common with the 1994 movie is that overall, it's funny. It's not the greatest cartoon show ever made, but if you're a fan of modern adult cartoons, and also a fan Kevin Smith's humour and don't mind if it's a bit cleaner than usual, I recommend the six episodes of this show. I also agree with those who say the series ended too soon.
  • The animated version of the mega-hit cult breakthrough from director Kevin Smith had a VERY short run on one of the "other"networks(UPN? WB? Cable?)and,from watching the re-runs on both Comedy Central and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim(where else?),got some very unjust treatment,because the speed and pace of this show,coupled with the fertile character through-lines and backgrounds made this a show that could've VERY easily rivaled shows like "The Simpsons" or "Family Guy". Who knows? Maybe Mr.Smith and/or someone else out there could actually try to make another show from this. Or not. Still,if you haven't caught these shows,do. I figure between Adult swim and various Entertainment stores,on-line and off,there's plenty of chance to sample this and see if you agree.
  • "Clerks" is one of my favorite movies and I discovered that they made a short lived prime time cartoon series that once aired on ABC and I rented this series on DVD and I loved it and I wish they could bring this show back on! But if they were ever to bring it back it should go on FOX or Comedy Central. Basically, the show follows the continuing adventures of Dante Hicks and Randall Graves (voiced by Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson) and their every jobs at the Quick Stop and RST Video and of course dealing with Jay & Silent Bob (voiced by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith). Also in this series we have two new characters, Leonardo Leonardo (voiced by Alec Bladwin) who is the billionaire antagonist of the series and his sidekick, Plug. Hilarious show and I think it deserved so much better and I think it should have been on a different network since ABC was too picky about censoring half of what they say on the show, if the show aired on FOX or Comedy Central then they wouldn't have that problem! Kevin Smith should really consider bringing this show back.
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