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  • ashmeh-engg16 August 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've never ever seen in my life, awful performances like that!! I was wondering throughout the movie run, what on earth compelled Feroz Khan to debut his stud looking son with foreign accent in a movie that would remain an epitome of unintended humor in bollywood. Kudos to writers for those unintentional pun added dialogs, purely classical !! My favorite scene was the expressionless dialog delivery by Fardeen Khan to scare some bad-ass guys, saying.."Hawas ke keechad mein lipte huy kutte, too Ganga ko chooyega" translation: How dare you touch this holy body(pointing towards the actress), You dog twisted in the wet mud of lust !! .. *Isn't that epic !!* It's recommended for those, who are in search of limits of human insanity, I am sure the limit would be redefined after watching this.
  • tnkcool23 February 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    Gawd!!!What was I thinking!! In the first ten minutes of the movie...I realized that this movie was a waste of my time. the optimistic person that I am...I decided to watch it anyway! Typical Hindi movie...but acted out so badly that it was torture to watch...Fardeen and Meghna...TAKE SOME ACTING,DANCING AND COMMON SENSE CLASSES! As for Feroz Khan...his worst movie ever! Well...the heroine is rich, the hero is poor..(but see...he has class and dignity) Obviously, they fall in love and heroine's parents don't agree. They've got this other rich guy for her. She goes abroad leaving the hero with a badly beaten heart (and limbs, hands etc as her parent's men beat him up). Yet, he doesn't give up and goes after her (selling his prized possession to get the money - his bike)Meanwhile, the heroine his lost it and has become an alcoholic (or at least in the process of becoming one)...hero comes there, rescues her from her villain of a fiancé and wins her father's heart. Major yawn..yet if you really want to laugh at the level of stupidity in Hindi movies...and bad acting...and bad dances...and a bad script...and bad cinematography...this movie is meant just for you!
  • Rani-426 September 1999
    A typical hindi film. Hero and heroine fall in love, heroine- a rich brat, heroine's parents don't approve of hero and take her way abroad after beating up hero, hero's father urges him to sell his motorcycle for tickets to australia and win heroine! And naturaly, a very obvious ending- villians get killed, heroine's father finally approving of hero and they all live happily ever after. If you haven't already seen the movie, sorry I spoilt the ending for you....but hey, I'm saving you from the torture! As for meghna....darling I hope you get Laryngitis!
  • so when i couldn't sleep i decided to watch a movie i switched channels to find the ending of a movie introduction directed produced and written by feroz khan i said to myself feroz khan qurbani ,jaanbaaz ,dayavan okay let's give this one a chance Biggest mistake ever worst movie where to begin weak repeated story boring absolutely no chemistry or charisma of the entire cast not to mention there is no talent at all of anyone in this movie , feroz khan must hate his son to introduce him in a movie like this you know the sentence a career killing movie this is the living proof to that oh just horrible disgusting with every minute gives you more headache and abdominal pain. Piece of advice if you have some free time do anything watch anything but do not watch this movie this is a time of your life (don't worry like me you will not last the entire movie ) but even a second of this movie is a waste you will never get back. i give this one minus 10 stars