Dr. Rudy Wells: You know, Steve, at the risk of being immodest, these tapes show you're just about perfect.

William Henry Cameron: Anything I can bring back for ya?

Oscar Goldman: How about a pair of autographed chopsticks?

Col. Steve Austin: [to Dr. Bergner] I try not to confuse emotion with process, Doctor. It's dangerous and unproven.

Dr. Rudy Wells: That's exactly what they said about you, Steve.

Oscar Goldman: [on payphone at London airport] Steve, this is the age of diplomacy. Will you try using some?

Ambassador Scott: They send one man?

Col. Steve Austin: Well, things are a little tight, sir. You know, with inflation and budget cuts.

William Henry Cameron: How was I?

Oscar Goldman: Brilliant, Bill.

[Bill laughs]

Oscar Goldman: You're performance rivaled Camille.

Julian Peck: Beautiful operation, Roger, really smooth. And only one casualty.

Roger Ventriss: Casualty, who?

Julian Peck: You.

[fires two shots at point blank range]

Oscar Goldman: Hello Steve, good of you to come.

Col. Steve Austin: Well how could I refuse you, Oscar? It's the first time you ever said 'please'

Col. Steve Austin: [removing bandages from his head] Why, like this, I feel like a fugitive from an Egyptian tomb.

Oscar Goldman: Steve, officially, you're one of the thousands of men looking for William Cameron.

Col. Steve Austin: And?

Oscar Goldman: Unofficially, you're my billion to one shot.

Julian Peck: Roger's death is a tragic loss, not only to the company, but to me personaly. We were very close.

Dr. Erica Bergner: It's gonna take a while to assimilate my new memory, after all, it me - it took him a lifetime to compile it.

Col. Steve Austin: But we haven't got a lifetime, doctor, all we've got is 32 hours and 45 minutes.

Oscar Goldman: It's like going on a scavenger hunt without any clues.

Mel Bristo: Who's going with me?

Oscar Goldman: No one.

Mel Bristo: No one? You mean it's just me and a billion in gold?

Oscar Goldman: We're taking a chance sending you. If they find out that we're tracking this gold, they may never even show up.

Mel Bristo: Chief, have you cleared this with the brass?

Oscar Goldman: They're behind me a thousand per cent.

2nd Taxi Driver: Well, you have seen all of Lausanne. Three times.

Col. Steve Austin: Yeah, it's beautiful.

2nd Taxi Driver: Oh yes, yes, it's very beautiful, but perhaps you want like me to take you somewhere particular, no?

Col. Steve Austin: No, we'd just like to drive around some more.

2nd Taxi Driver: Monsieur, eh. s'il vous plait, I am getting car sick, you know, I don't know...

Contessa DeRojas: I've known several Americans. They too could only concentrate on one thing at a time. So little imagination.

Col. Steve Austin: Well, it's hard to believe where you're concerned.

Col. Steve Austin: [looking up at the Contessa's villa] Well, that's impressive.

Contessa DeRojas: I've always found it's what's inside that counts.

Col. Steve Austin: [to Dr. Bergner] Even if you're successful, it's not much fun being an experiment.

Oscar Goldman: [on phone] Anything out of the ordinary, Mel?

Mel Bristo: [on other line] It's the looks I've been getting. I feel like Clark Kent, every time I turn around, I'm in a mens room, changing clothes.

Mel Bristo: [on phone] This is Bird-Dog. Hey, does anyone know where we go after Rome? There's less than four hours left till the deadline.

Oscar Goldman: Congratulations, Bristo. You've managed to turn gold... into lead.