Psiquiatra: You should avoid TV for some time.

Enrique: I cannot.

Psiquiatra: Why?

Enrique: Because I cannot think anymore. Here on this bookcase, I had books. Now I only have TV magazines to know the schedule and be ready. Here, I had books... And books inspired my imagination. But now, I can't imagine anything, because there they give me everything already imagined, imagined by other people, and badly imagined! And I also had records. You may find this stupid, but I used to love Beethoven.


Enrique: And... it's been days since I last remembered the beginning of the 5th Symphony! I try to remeber...

[closes his eyes]

Enrique: See... now I'm concentrating...

[holds his head with his hands]

Enrique: I'm really doing... I can't!

[starts slapping himself]

Enrique: I... I can't! The only music that goes through my head right now are these that say 'how soft, how bright, for your hair, this is the best... ' or that one that says 'feel happy, feel young, feel bubbles in your heart... '

[starts crying]

Psiquiatra: May I...

Enrique: Yes, of course.

Psiquiatra: I'm going to open the back of your TV tuner so that you can see it's only a bunch of cables, lamps, circuits, and other stuff...

Enrique: No, don't do that!

Psiquiatra: Why not?

Enrique: It would be like opening a waterfall of evil. Inside this, there's violence, blood, horror, lying... everything's inside, trying to get out, trying to invade all homes! Even presenters, who look like ordinary people, they are not! Because they only speak about wars, murders, kidnappings, lynchings...

Psiquiatra: But if you fear that all so much... why do you keep watching TV?

Enrique: Because I need it. Because I cannot think anymore. It's TV who thinks in my place...

[looks at his watch]

Enrique: What time is it?

Psiquiatra: It's half past two.

Enrique: Excuse me. The broadcast is about to start...

[turns TV on]