Cynthia Holland: [Steve is winning at a casino] Oh, is there anything you aren't good at?

Col. Steve Austin: Well, I've never had much success at milking reindeer.

Cynthia Holland: Do you like girls?

Col. Steve Austin: [after cornering Cyn at the bar] Mm hm Yes Very much. I think they're great fun. In fact I wanted to take one to the moon with me. There were some experiments I wanted to attempt in a zero gravity situation. But they wouldn't let me. What you really want to know is why I hadn't made a pass at you.

Cynthia Holland: Well, a girl does like to think that she's attractive.

Col. Steve Austin: And you are. If I was ready to open up to anybody, I think it would be you. But...

Cynthia Holland: Yes?

Col. Steve Austin: I read someplace that you shouldn't be in too much of a hurry to be rid of a hurt. It's good for people to feel. That's what separates us from machines and some institutions.

Cynthia Holland: That's so beautiful I think I'm going to cry.

Col. Steve Austin: That's good for you too. Now take off your clothes.

Cynthia Holland: What?

Col. Steve Austin: Get in your bathing suit, we're going for a swim. Then we have a big night ahead of us.

Capt. Dawson: We're to forget what we've seen here. Not just now, but forever. And you're to get on that horn, and tell Air Evac that if they don't break every record in getting here, we're going to lose what must be the most valuable man in the world.

Col. Steve Austin: Alexi, I didn't realize they paid you Russians enough for this kind of a life.

Alexi Kaslov: Well it's an American shortcoming to believe your own propaganda.

Alexi Kaslov: [to Steve Austin] Do you still insist that you are no more than an astronaut playboy on holiday?

Arlen Findletter: [to Steve Austin] I don't know what you are, but you know, from what I've seen, you have great commercial possibilities. And when this operation is over, I intend to seriously investigate the possibility of making you the newest entry in my Ford Catalogue.

Katrina Volana: [having just watched Steve Austin break free from his shackles] In Russia they say all American men are soft.

Col. Steve Austin: Yeah, we rise to the occasion.

Katrina Volana: How can you see where you're going?

Col. Steve Austin: I eat a lot of carrots.

Cynthia Holland: May I ask you a question?

Col. Steve Austin: Shoot!

Cynthia Holland: What's the matter with you?

Col. Steve Austin: Well Doctors say I'm not all here.

Cynthia Holland: What's missing?

Col. Steve Austin: Well nothing that should prove to be of any problem in our relationship

Col. Steve Austin: Sorry I had to violate your porthole.

Tamara: [to Steve Austin] You said that you were not leave until tomorrow. Why is it that I feel that I have already lost you?

First Officer Meade: Eh, sir, would you mind telling me how we're gonna pick up this Austin fellow without running into patrol boats?

Capt. Dawson: Orders say he's going to swim out.

First Officer Meade: It will take him four hours to swim that distance.

Capt. Dawson: Orders say he'll do it in two minutes.

Oscar Goldman: We're gonna need Steve Austin on this mission, with... or without his cooperation.

Katrina Volana: [to Steve Austin] I don't think we shall wait until this plane lands to, eh, go our seperate ways.

Dr. Rudy Wells: [on phone with Steve Austin] You're experiencing a power surge in your hand induced by a sudden adrenaline increase in your system when you're angry. It's a minor adjustment.

Cynthia Holland: [Steve offers Cin a drink he's just mixed] What's that?

Col. Steve Austin: That is a moonshot.

Cynthia Holland: A which?

Col. Steve Austin: A little number from the Cape. Guaranteed to keep you in smooth orbit.

Col. Steve Austin: [on phone with Oscar] Listen, pal, the next time you want me on a mission, you lay it all out on front, or I'll kick your department so high you'll need Sky-Lab to get it down.

Alexi Kaslov: So, the Americans are indeed in the same unhappy boat as we.

Cynthia Holland: I remind you, it's rude to leave one lady to converse with another, not to mention interrupting her backswing.

Col. Steve Austin: Naw, I saw an old friend.

Cynthia Holland: Well, if you don't mind my saying so, if that's the way your old friends treat you, you ought to consider a personality course.