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  • This story has the sweet and so pretty Grace Chang going off to the local university. She came from a large family and she is the oldest. Its touching to see them all wish her well. Ms. Chang plays Qingping and another screen idol of the time Jeanette Lin Tsui, plays her university room mate and rival in recognition there. This song has Grace bursting into song, and why not? Singing has always been a staple of her best films and it brings the film more joy. Of course, with beauties such as Grace and Jeanette, you're going to have little romantic entanglements with college boys, to the point where there are, of course, misunderstandings. Thats all part of the fun, however, and the film breezes effortlessly. The DVD jacket suggests this film was influenced by "Gidget", which could be true, but I liked it more none the less. Probably not as good as my favorite Grace Chang film "Mambo Girl", its still great fun and, again, to have Grace Chang and Jeanette Lin Tsui in the same film is a major treat. See it, its really a worthwhile film.