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  • Oh dear. The process might have been. Lets take The Abyss as a template and substitute all the good stuff for something equally unrealistic, and ditch that cool fantasy stuff for some supposedly scientific plot and take all the emotional moments and replace them with as much forced emotion as possible.

    I don't like to refer to things as bad, but when the characters in this movie got all emotional, I had a feeling of 'What?'.

    A movie is a piece of art. It has to be crafted to carry an audience on a journey. Like a piece of music. You can just say, now play some piano.. stop, strum that guitar.. now quick bang a drum, some more piano. This ends up a mess.

    This film totally failed to captivate me, with either the storyline (which although rather way-out was definitely on the cards if you have a bit of nous), or emotionally. If you found this did capture you, then be very wary of what you watch.
  • Leofwine_draca1 April 2015
    AVALON: BEYOND THE ABYSS is a pointless film. Sure, it features sun-drenched locales and cast members borrowed from BAYWATCH, but underneath the pretty shots and underwater photography there's absolutely nothing here, not even a real story. Instead we get hints of this and that and hell of a lot of yakking, but nothing else besides.

    The title of this TV movie attempts to tie it into the Cameron blockbuster, but the two films have zero in common other than the underwater theme. The characters here are underwritten and the performances instantly forgettable. Sure there's some mild mystery and stuff about alternate realities but it's not enough to sustain a half hour TV episode let alone an entire movie running time, making this a complete waste of time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is pretty rubbish. They've taken the movie "The Abyss" and tried their best to make a feature long episode as a pilot for a series. Having checked, there actually are more episodes of this "series" but only this has ever been shown on UK TV.

    An island mysteriously explodes and a "black tide" (whatever one of those is) is sweeping across the ocean killing everything in it's path and threatening to kill all life in the ocean.

    There is no real plot, just tiny ideas trying to link huge bits of nothing happening to other bits of nothing happening.

    It eventually turns out to be related to parallel universes and everything is resolved apart from one guy who we are never sure if he died or not.

    Very weird and I wouldn't want to see any more episodes of the show.

    It's only redeeming features are the underwater photography (done in High Definition format) and the technical advice as offered by Dr Bob Ballard.
  • tazddevil6 November 1999
    I thought this was a great film for anyone and everyone. No violence or sexual overtones. I would recomend it to anyone who has an interest in oceanography and ancient myths. The film was well acted and Mr. Stevenson should be proud of his work, both as an actor and producer, he put out a first class film. I would love to see this made into a series or even some future films of this nature.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here we go yet again ~~~ aimless, meandering, badly thought out film with some pretty scenes, amateurish actors and actresses, and not much else.

    "Avalon: Beyond the Abyss" ??? Huh ? What does that mean ? The only real abyss is the bottomless pit into which all copies of the movie should be thrown. So why have I rated it even a lowly 2 ? Simply because there are many other motion pictures which are a lot worse: rating 1 is reserved for them, and there is no rating 0 available.

    Nothing to see here, please move on, ha ha ha.
  • It is always great to see a show where they have current scientific knowledge and research combined with ancient mysteries, good drama and fine performances. Those things made this an excellent and entertaining movie.

    It was especially wonderful seeing Parker Stevenson as a leading man again! I also was happy to see he was one of the executive producers.

    I hope they will turn this into a weekly series, or a series of made-for-TV films, so we can enjoy Parker (and this show) all the time.

    The premise for this show has a lot of potential for good, intricate plots combined with great adventure and special effects. If this show becomes a series, and continues in this vein, it will be one I'll look forward to week after week!