The bookish Samantha character didn't test well with audiences in the beginning, so they gradually softened her over the course of the season. The real reason that she left the show, however, was because season two saw the introduction of a black character, Alex - which was a blatant attempt to appeal to a broader audience - and the producers didn't have enough money in the budget to pay all four kids every week. They rotated the characters throughout season 2 and eventually brought her back for the series finale.

The costume created for historical character General Brock was later donated to Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.

Videos of the show were distributed to elementary schools across Canada and the United States, with a whole lesson plan built around the episodes and the teachings within them.

Portions of the show set in the Coach House, on Trialviron and various alien worlds were shot on videotape. Anytime that the actors ventured out on location, it was shot on film.

The show began airing on PBS in the United States soon after its TVO debut, and it was regularly rerun throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

In the second season premiere, Ann Blake sends the kids a giant crossword puzzle that they post on the wall of The Coach House. They add various words throughout the rest of the season (stretching from Spring until Christmas - which is long enough for Samantha to co-author and publish a book), but the puzzle still remains incomplete in the series finale.

Barbara Wheeldon (Ann Blake) only appeared in three feature films in her lifetime, and each of them included other "Read All About It" guest stars: Funeral Home (1980) with Kay Hawtrey (Dr. Crystal Couplet), Deadline (1980) with William Osler (the voice of Dr. Couplet's word machine) and Where the Spirit Lives (1989) with Graham Greene (John Norton).