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  • Marielena was an excellent Spanish TV series, which I sometimes use to practice my Spanish listening skills (they need help). I was especially knocked out by Zully Montero, who I feel stole the show with her acting and beauty. When she had romantic scenes with Mr. Yanez, I could only wish that I was in his shoes! Ms. Montero is my idea of a classical beauty, with her flawless features.
  • That was the second soap opera I watched after la viuda de blanco 1996 and I loved it. It was absolutely amazing. I fell in love with it from the first episode, the story was great, the actors, the characters and even the music was amazing, not to mention the great love story, I just love Marielena and Luis Felipe (Lucía Méndez and Eduardo Yáñez) they had a wonderful chemistry together, I watched that show over and over again, I have it on video tapes so I can watch it whenever I want. Even though it has been a long time since I watched that soap opera but I miss it every day, I had great times watching it and I enjoyed every second, God!! I really miss watching it on TV. Though I do have it on tapes but still... waiting every day to see a new episode on TV still IS better than watching it on tapes.
  • One of the best "telenovelas" ever seen. Méndez is here at her very best and Yáñez's performance is supreme. Aurora Callazo, Zully Montero and Maria Jose Alfonso are simply great and their talent emerges from every word they say. Martha Picanes, playing Olga, is the best. There is no doubt about it. "Se acabo", Marielena's theme, performed by Méndez, deserves the great audience's attention.