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  • Athletiquiz (1947)

    *** (out of 4)

    Also known as WHAT'S YOUR I.Q. #12, this Pete Smith short is another in the series that simply tried to test your knowledge of certain subjects. This one here takes a look at sports and I must admit that I'm a fairly big sports fan but didn't do too well in the actual quiz here. How long can a man ride a bike in one hour? What U.S. President was the first to be wrestling champ of his school? What was the longest non-stop swim? What was the first year that someone drove over 100mph? Which city has the largest sporting arena? These are a few of the questions asked here. On a technical level there's really nothing ground breaking to this short or any in the series but I must admit that I find them to be a lot of fun for several reasons. One are the actual questions, which are all fun natured. Another is because Pete Smith is simply so funny in the way he asks the question and his sly winks during the sports arena question got a big laugh from me. The film manages to be very funny, which is always a plus but fans of Smith will get a special kick out it.