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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "warning - spoilers ahead"" - Bored Silly is a story about 3 boys around the age of 8 who have finished the school season and out for some fun in the summer months. It's hot and they all agree there is never anything to do. They decide on trying to build a fort like the one they did last holidays only this time it's going to be hidden from the older kids who destroyed it last holidays. This where the fun begins. The boys are attacked by bees, get beat up and take revenge on the local bully, have an interesting swimming pool experience, get chased by a wacky old man, take on a ride on mower and so much more. These kids haven't really been in much other movies but they do a great job with Bored Silly. If you looking for something to entertain young boys or maybe the girls then grab bored silly. IT's a hard little movie to come about but well worth the watch, You will laugh and enjoy this little gem, great for a rainy day to keep the kids amused, a favorite of mine.
  • I can't remember when I've had so much fun watching a movie. This movie is about 3 young boys who have just gotten out of school for the summer and can't think of anything to do. So, they proceed to get into various types of mischief. But it's all in fun and it's fun to watch. The 3 boys who play the leading roles did such a remarkable job. I thought they were fantastic. Some reviews have complained about too much screaming in this movie. I don't agree. I mean, after all, what's a kid's movie without a few screams? The supporting cast in the movie stayed mostly in the background. The 3 leads were almost always out front. But that's what made the movie good. It was about the 3 boys and their quest for adventure without adults telling them what to do. They just wanted to have fun. This movie is not hard to find. I bought the DVD on-line. I recommend it for children (especially boys) as well as for adults. So watch it and be energized.
  • mjtrajic2 January 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I just watched this with my kids the other day and I have to say they loved it. It tugged my emotional chords around so much when that ice cream man took the ice cream away from them kids I honestly almost cried the acting of the children was superb, its a shame they lost best actor went to Russell Crowe that year. This film does so many things right it is so tempting not to mention what it does wrong, but, as usual, the film does go wrong at some points. It is said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and it is clear that "Bored Silly" is only as strong as the Ice Cream Man (Bill Allan). The way he butchered the only line he was given almost ruined the entire film for me and my children as well. The line is read in a strange blend of over acting mixed with lack of motivation. I just don't buy it, who is this guy? Why does he want to give children Ice Cream BEFORE they pay instead of insisting on the provision of compensation first before providing his services? So many fascinating aspects of this character were left unexplored, in fact, the only thing that is clear to me about the character is that Bill Allan did not do him justice in his portrayal.

    Overall this film was mediocre after weighing in on the acting performance of Bill Allan and I would not recommend that anyone rent this film for anyone under the age of 12, as there is childlike mischief throughout.
  • This awful movie is the bane of many a Furniture Row employees life. That is because this is the only authorized film to show at the kiddie areas. The funny thing about it is this was partly funded by the owner of Furniture Row, Barney Visser who also got his grandson a 'bit-part' (see Ice cream kid or something like that in credits).

    I have probably seen this movie over 300 times (bits and pieces at a time) and therefore may be a bit hateful in my critique. Best watch it for yourself and decide... at your local Furniture Row, the only place you can get it I would guess.

    Only one condition, you need to tell the salesperson that approaches you that you are there to watch the movie, not to buy furniture. Otherwise the poor sap will be stuck lingering within 20 feet of you and missing actual sales opportunities.
  • god_save_the_quinn8 October 2007
    This movie was probably what I'd imagine my wife to be in movie format. It was delic' in all possible manner. A truly orgasmic experience. Brian Moran II's portrayal of 'Get A Horse' brought tears to my eyes. Tears of laughter an sorrow combined.

    I enjoyed the non-existent killer fish, advertised on the packaging of the delightful DVD case, which turned out to be a window, not the advertised killer fish.

    One Hundred Euros is the same as 34 American Dollars. But enough about me.

    The inclusion of 'The Ice Cream Kid Gang' was outrageously moving. The one kid who failed to have eyebrows and who could change his expression from smug to scared in an instant changed my life 4eva. I hope to meet him in the future.

    The bully was a good person. Need I say more.

    I liked the ending of the movie - 'Get A Horse' and 'Bully' coming to attack the 3 leads, but obviously the budget was too small to allow for the writer's hopes of the storyline. The director (who just happens to be the writer as well) managed to cover this plot hole by concluding the film with a sublime scream from each lead role. Truly made some cents. Probably about 100. Dollars. Not cents, I got confused.
  • Have you ever seen a movie that is so bad it makes you want to somehow destroy the part of your brain that just processed more than an hour of crap? Don't' see this movie, ever, if you don't want to be in that situation.

    I don't care if this movie was made for kids, it just plain stinks. Don't buy it, don't rent it, don't watch it on cable... It is just that bad. The acting, the story, everything... I began to wonder part way through the movie if the directors themselves were bored silly making it, and just gave the cameras to the kids to finish the rest. IT IS THAT BAD! You want an example of how bad it is? When I saw it in theaters (and then recently after my sister somehow got a copy of it), not only did I fall asleep, but also my then seven year old sister, and my eleven year old brother.

    If you come in contact with this movie, I suggest you steal it, and proceed to destroy it. There is no reason for this to exist to destroy not only the minds of our children, but also the parents of these children who are even forced to listen to it from the other room. 0/10
  • I work at a Furniture Row store, and this is the only movie we are supposed to have for the child area DVD player. I have not sat down to watch it all the way through (and never will) but I have seen and heard it in passing by enough that I can judge it. Basically all it consists of is children screaming. Loudly. Ear-shatteringly loudly. It is as if the camera was given to the kids themselves and they said "You know what would really be funny? Us screaming again!" I always turn the volume off so the show can be seen but not heard (the company insists we have it on all the time for kids). Of course a kid always turns it way up, especially if I am in the vicinity of the TV and have a good customer. I'll be in my presentation and I'll hear this show and the screams travel up my spine causing me to want to convulse, and then I can't sell anything. I used to just find this show audibly offensive, now I can't stand the sight of it either. I can only hope that one day every copy of this film will be transferred to silver nitrate so it will one day decompose and we will be forever rid of this "movie".