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  • kppadmaraj23 October 2020
    Good movie to watch.. some compare it with some different language movie which most would never would heard off. This is the problem with internet, they will search for things which is not known to any and will be boasting its a copy coat of that movie. Even if its a copycat, I d not see any issue as we most of all do not know the actual move which they say this is copied from. If there is internet some 50 years back, none of the best films of those times would have never existed. Some people would have demeaned it with their intelligence
  • This Subhash Ghai movie was not well received when it was released and is one of few weak movies from the Showman. The reason is the weak script is that it tries to cover so many angles that it falls apart. It also follows the basic plot of "Bataille de San Sebastian, La (1968", when the gangster Dharmendera is mistaken as a priest by the villagers and he remains calm and becomes their spiritual teacher. The love angle between Zeenal and Shashi keeps on peeping in between and is seems that the attention keeps diverting from one character to another. Not recommended for a enjoyable evening.....Go for other older movies of Subhash Ghai instead of this.