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  • V. Shantaram's bilingual film 'Padosi' (Hindi)/ 'Shejari' (Marathi) released in 1941 was the first Indian cinema that focused on the crucial social issue of communal harmony. Hindu-Muslim unity later became a subject for several Indian films following the success of this film.In Malayalam films like 'Rarichan Enna Powran' (1956), 'Padatha Painkili' (1957) etc, this issue was a sub-plot.'Moodupadam', released in 1963, was the first Malayalam film that chose this as the main thread of the film. 'Kootukar', released in 1966, was also based on the same subject; but this was the remake of the Shantaram film.'Moodupadam' was based on a story written by S. K. Pottekkat.