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  • I watched this movie a couple of times on the Disney Channel when I was sick from school years ago. It was clever and I enjoyed it a lot.

    The story is about a boy who gets (or perhaps builds) a TV. He realizes that it is showing him the broadcasts from one day in the future so he and his female friend use the information to win big on some horse races. If you can find it, I recommend it for rainy sick days. I didn't even realize Seth Green was in it till today. I wish I had the movie so I could watch his early performance. Enjoy!
  • Bought the film knowing it was a sequel to Freaky Friday. Unusual, quirky, worth seeing... Enjoyed every minute, even though it does have 80's written all over it. Clothes, cars, mannerisms. Didn't realize Ape Face was Seth Green until I saw the final credits...