Joe Coleman's character, Barry Paar, was based on Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and a real life encounter that Asia Argento had with him in a hotel room in Cannes 1997. Argento confirmed this on her Twitter account in October 2017.

Shot on standard definition MiniDV as part of the first wave of digital filmmaking, it was restored in HD in 2018 and re-released by Alamo Drafthouse theaters in the USA.

Loosely based on Asia Argento's life.

The scene where Anna finds Veronica tied to the bed is based on what happened to a friend of both Asia Argento and Verra Gemma, who plays Veronica.

Kirk was based on a real life musician Asia Argento knew.

Asia Argento and Jean Shepard actually dated during the making of this movie.

Italian censorship visa # 94435 delivered on 10 May 2000.