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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Always worth watching these Merton Park reruns, in my view; the learned Mr Lustgarten's occasional curious pronunciations is a bonus. Julian Somers' piece was quite undetectable, even without his hat. Could it have been the same item, bequeathed to Walton Studios, for Harry H. Corbett to wear in 'Cover Girl Killer' (1959)? Paul Dickson's directorial credit under an alternative name - can't figure why.
  • Gordon Bell (1910-1998) was one of those British characters who had small roles in big films and big roles in small films. Here he plays an inspector working on a case of dead woman discovered by her husband. Thw story is a slight one, but the episode manages to convey the series' messages on the importance of fidelity and truth in marriage as the basis of social cohesion.