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  • AKS-617 January 2001
    This is actually a tv mini series (3x1 hour), but I recorded it from tv and saw the series as a 3 hour movie instead, which was great since I don't think I would have been able to wait a whole day for the next episode to come on.

    This is one of the best Swedish thriller series I have ever seen. The premise is not original (a man accidently kills another man and doesn't turn himself in, now the crime has to be covered up) but the execution is quite brilliant. It says something about a brilliant cast when such a fine actor as Göran Ragnerstam turns up in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it role, almost a cameo. The same goes for the always brilliant Michael Nyqvist. The four leads, Magnus Krepper, Jonas Karlsson, Johanna Sällström and Ralph Carlsson are all brilliant, with Karlsson and Carlsson being the stand-outs.

    The suspense in this film is psychological, and the most interesting aspects of the action is of course what's going on on the inside of the people who have to try to cover the murder up. It is interesting from the first frame to the last, and it's quite brilliant. (8/10)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The miniseries puts together a psychopath rapist murderer, a stupid brother-in-law, a corrupt police officer who is the the murderer' s father, an intelligent female police officer who is the only one to do her duty in a male dominated police station where in a crime scene the only thing they do is congratulate the officer for his grandson, simply ridiculous... Imagine the rest...

    A bitter drama of lies, cynical conversations, tears, false confessions of the mythomaniac murderer, cover ups etc

    From the beginning, the encounters with Thomas and the Estonians are forced and bizarre, so much vodka, the kiss in the cheek Irina gives Thomas... you wonder WTF

    For the one who said it was an accidental death, he's wrong. Peeter was stoned in the head at least three times, it was First Degree Murder.

    The only good thing is that is short