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  • We rented this movie, expecting to see deformed monkeys and other things (as the box showed) but instead, we got almost 2 hours worth of people saying the SAME THINGS THAT WERE ESTABLISHED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE, one weird deformed monkey, and an ending that made no sense. It also seems that they've cut dialogue and other information to save time, because there are a lot of odd and jump cuts. And how pathetic the characters sounded saying "Sorry!" whenever someone was pronounced dead. This is BOUND for Mystery Science Theater 3000... too bad it was cancelled.

    I'm sure the good votes this got, was from cast members, investors, or friends of cast members, and investors.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Babies are being born with a rare case of cyclops syndrome and often both the infant and mother die in birth. One man thinks it is an evil company doing experiments because he and his wife were using pills to help them get pregnant. Many suspicions arise and a woman working for the company and a lawyer investigating the company go on a hunt to get to the bottom of this only to find that the company is doing crazy experiments and using people as Guinea pigs.

    As I said above, it reminded me a lot of X-FILES and I didn't exactly love it, but I did think it was interesting. It's marketed as horror, but its a thriller and it's more like an investigation than anything else.

    Grant Show did a good job, as did many of the actors and it was decent on the production side. I could see myself watching this movie again in a few years... not too bad, 3/10 stars