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Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune
Another of those excellent foreign films that sometimes slip though cracks, considered too strange or eccentric for domestic tastes. Strange it is, but delightfully so
Desson Thomson Washington Post
Sensual, funny and, in the end, very touching.
Gregory Weinkauf New Times (L.A.)
The story sustains a strong, hypnotic appeal well deserving of its many awards.
Ernest Hardy L.A. Weekly
Dark, wickedly funny tale.
Marta Barber Miami Herald
Despite its stylistic flaws, the acting and the magic of the story make Maelstrom a different kind of film.
Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle
Compelling parable from Canada that's open to a number of interpretations.
David Sterritt Christian Science Monitor
This doesn't mean Maelström is for everyone. It's a strange and quirky yarn, moving between deceptively calm scenes and episodes as tempestuous as its title.
Dennis Harvey Variety
A film whose charms are odd and indefinable by design.
Stephen Holden The New York Times
Probably the first romantic drama ever narrated by a smelly dead fish.
Scott Tobias The A.V. Club
For a movie about identity to have no identity of its own leaves the story doubly adrift, lost amid moody dark-blue imagery, a vacuous lead character, and obscure symbolism, such as the bloody talking fishes.

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