[first lines]

Text Narration: Welcome! This is Dinosaur Land. In this strange land we find that Princess Toadstool is missing again! Looks like Bowser is at it again!

Text Narration: [after Mario or Luigi defeats Bowser and Princess Toadstool is rescued] Mario's adventure is over. Mario, the Princess, Yoshi, and his friends are going to take a vacation.

Text Narration: [after Yoshi emerges from his egg] Hooray! Thank you for rescuing me. My name is Yoshi. On my way to rescue my friends! Bowser trapped me in that egg.

Text Narration: Mario has defeated the demented Iggy Koopa of Castle #1 and rescued Yoshi's friend who is still trapped in an egg. Together, they now travel to Donut Land.

Text Narration: Morton Koopa Jr. of Castle #2 is now just a memory. The next area is the underground Vanilla Dome. What traps await Mario in this new world? What will become of Princess Toadstool?

Point of Advice Box: [at the Donut Ghost House] This is a Ghost House. Can you find the exit? Hee, hee, hee... don't get lost!

Text Narration: Mario has triumphed over Lemmy Koopa of Castle #3. Mario's quest is starting to get much more difficult. Have you found the Red and Green Switches yet?

Text Narration: Ludwig von Koopa's days of composing Koopa symphonies in Castle #4 are over. The Forest of Illusion lies ahead. Mario must use his brain to solve the puzzle of this perplexing forest.

Text Narration: Mario found his way through the Forest of Illusion and has brought an end to Roy Koopa of Castle #5. Onward to the dangerous but tasty Chocolate Island!

Text Narration: [at the switch palaces] The power of the switch you have pushed will turn...

[shows the dotted blocks, then converted whole]

Text Narration: Your progress will also be saved.

Text Narration: Wendy O. Koopa in Castle #6 has sung her last song. Mario must meet the challenge that is now before him. There is a sunken ghost ship that appears to be the gateway to the Valley of Bowser.

Text Narration: Mario has defeated Larry Koopa in Castle #7. All that is left is Bowser's Castle where Princess Toadstool is being held. Can Mario rescue her and restore peace to Dinosaur Land?

Point of Advice Box: [at Chocolate Island 2] Here, the coins you collect or the time remaining can change your progress. Can you find the special goal?

Point of Advice Box: [second at Yoshi's Island 3] When you stomp on an enemy, you can jump high if you hold the jump button. Use Up on the Control Pad to jump high in the shallow water.

Point of Advice Box: [at Yoshi's House] Hello! Sorry I'm not home, but I have gone to rescue my friends who were captured by Bowser.

Point of Advice Box: [second box at Yoshi's Island 2] The gate marks the middle of this area. By cutting the tape here, you can continue from close to this point.

Point of Advice Box: [first at Yoshi's Island 2] To do a spin jump, press the A Button. A Super Mario spin jump can break some of the blocks and defeat some of the tougher enemies.

Point of Advice Box: [at Yoshi's Island 1] You can hold an extra item in the box at the top of the screen. To use it, press the SELECT button.

Point of Advice Box: [first at Yoshi's Island 3] If you are in an area that you have already cleared, you can return to the map screen by pressing START, then SELECT.

Point of Advice Box: [first at Donut Plains 1] Use Mario's cape to soar through the air! Run fast, jump, and hold the Y Button. To keep balance, use left and right on the Control Pad.

Point of Advice Box: [second at Iggy's Castle] One of Yoshi's friends is trapped in the castle by Iggy Koopa. To defeat him, push him into the lava pool.

Point of Advice Box: [second at Yoshi's Island 3] You get Bonus Stars if you cut the tape at the end of each area. If you collect 100 Bonus Stars you can play a fun bonus game.

Point of Advice Box: [first at Iggy's Castle] Press Up on the Control Pad while jumping and you can cling to the fence. To go in the door at the end of this area, use Up also.

Single Gold Coins: [spelling out a message at the end of the Funky level in the Special World] You are a super player!

Point of Advice Box: [at Donut Secret House] There are five entrances to the Star World in Dinosaur Land. Find them all and you can travel between many different places.

Point of Advice Box: [at Yoshi's House] It is possible to fill in the dotted line blocks. To fill in the yellow ones, just go west then north to the top of the mountain.

Point of Advice Box: [at Donut Plains 3] You can slide the screen left or right by pressing the L or R Buttons on top of the controller. You may be able to see further ahead.

Point of Advice Box: [second at Yoshi's Island 1] To pick up a shell, use the X or Y Button. To throw a shell upwards, look up and let go of the button.

Point of Advice Box: [at Gnarly] Amazing! Few have made it this far. Beyond lies the Special Zone. Complete it and you can explore a strange new world. GOOD LUCK!

Point of Advice Box: [first at Yoshi's Island 3] The big coins are Dragon Coins. If you pick up five of these in one area, you get an extra Mario.

Point of Advice Box: [second at Donut Plains 1] The red dot areas on the map have two different exits. If you have the time and skill, be sure to look for them.