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  • chs_lnd6 August 2005
    My daughter and I were recovering from my fiancée and her future step-dad being murdered when we came across this movie by mistake one night.We watched it the first night it aired,taped it the second time and have watched many, MANY times since.It was the first real laugh we had since losing Eric.So we will always love these guys and this movie.If you haven't seen the movie and have no desire, that's OK.Just search for their video"Breaking up is hard enough" and you'll get hooked too.We were disappointed when they broke up but it was impossible to replace Qt.Wherever Chad,Mickey,Jerry,Doug and Bob are now,they should know how important they have been to us.And I want to say thanks.We now have 3 copies of the movie and know pretty much every line.
  • Not bad for a tv movie. The movie is a funny look at putting together a pop boy band. Funny bits include preparing answers for press interviews (and the implications of every type of answer), choosing members for their "type", rehearsing in different costumes and the mocking, silly lyrics to the songs. Good job MTV.
  • natreddotrot8 September 2007
    Well, I don't know about that other person, but I thought it was awesome! The fact that it was a spoof about boy bands and how each band had each of a certain type of boy in it. The cute guy, the shy guy, the older guy, the young guy and the sick guy. This particular spoof boy band that was put together even sounded great! I loved the fact that they actually did go out and hold concerts for charities. It was so sad that the one character in the show that was sick, was actually sick in real life, and ended up passing away during the T.V. series. Such a terrible thing! But I give this movie a thumbs up! It's a bit of silliness with some funny music and undertones.
  • MTV's first made for television movie "2gether" is a pleasant suprise. Spoofing all the recent boy bands in real life, "2gether" takes a mix of "Wag the Dog" and "This Is Spinal Tap" to present the film. The plot is creative (by using the "boyband" approach) and the acting is pretty good by a bunch of nobodies (the best acting comes from Kevin P. Farley, who plays older brother Doug Linus). The directing is a minus for this film, using too many music video "styles" for this film. Nigel Dick needs to stay at what he's good at, directing music videos. Overall, if you want to see a film that's entertaining watch "2gether," it will give a good time to 82 minutes of your life.
  • This movie is *very* funny. MTV did an awesome job with this movie. There's an awesome cast. Noah Bastian plays 'Chad Linus' the 'Shy One', Alex Solowitz plays 'Mickey Parke' the 'Bad Boy', Evan Farmer plays 'Jerry O'Keefe' the 'Hearthrob', Michael Cuccione plays 'Jason "QT" McKnight' the 'Dewey Eyed Youngster', and Kevin Farley (brother of the late Chris Farley) plays 'Doug Linus'(Chad's older brother) the 'Older Brother Type'. This movie is very, very funny. And yes, there WILL be a tv series based on the movie (this has been confirmed by Noah Bastian a.k.a. Chad). The soundtrack to the movie is also great. Oh, and FYI the cast is recording a *2nd* album/soundtrack (whatever you want to call it). Also, they will be opening up for Britney Spears at some of her August concerts. Anyway, the movie is great,.... so, if you like to laugh you gotta see this!

    This movie is a *buttload* of laughs.... LOL 10/10 A+++
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILERS AHEAD! Very funny movie! The script is very well-written, the songs are catchy (A bit TOO catchy), and the actors do pretty good, even though most are complete unknowns. Boy-bands really need a good spoofing and Saturday Night Live has done that too, with a fake band "Seven Degrees Celsius". This movie spoofs it, while pleasing boy-band haters and not offending boy-band lovers.

    2Gether is the story about the formation of a boy-band. Bob Buss (Alan Blummenfeld) has just gotten fired from his job with the hottest boy-band "Whoa!" and hears Jerry O'Keef (Evan Farmer, who was an extra in Shaft) and decides he should use him. Then he finds Chad (Noah Bastian) and Doug (Kevin Farley, brother of Chris). Then he finds Mickey (Alex Solowitz) and then Q.T. (Michael Cuccione). All the while, they talk to the camera since this is a "Mock-umentary"

    Bob has a rule for every celebrity ("My John Travolta rule: You go up and you go down") and is very funny. Kevin Farley could have a huge future, just like his brother Chris. Now all they need is a spoof of singing Valley Girls (Brittany Spears, I'm looking at you) ***1/2 out of ****
  • What a GREAT Movie! If anyone can find this movie and is willing to sell a copy of it on DVD for anything less then $30, please let me know and I will buy it! Also download the song "U & U & ME" by 2ge+her! Also anyone know when this will preview on TV again, let me know if you hear anything from MTV or any channel! This movie really tells the truth about boy bands and just how easy it is to throw together and mix a couple of songs and then present them in front of an audience and well add some technology to help out a little and your set!! This movie is just so perfect! Thanks, Mike
  • when i first saw 2gether i thought it was hilarious. my friend had taped it and brought it to my house and we watched it and i thought and still think its my FAVORITE movie of all time, however she taped over it on accident and so neither of us can watch it, i look on ebay ALL THE TIME FOR IT, but it is SO expensive! i don't have $70-100 dollars for a movie, a used movie! however someday i hope to get it because the cast is AWESOME and the songs are awesome.. i still sing the songs all the time! i wish the TV show was still on MTV, especially in the summer time when all they do is play the SAME shows over and over and over again.. HELLO play 2gether for a day!
  • To be honest, I am in no way a fan of the whole boyband craze, but I do have to admit that when I saw this movie on MTV, I was laughing the whole way through. The movie is really criticizing and parodying itself which proves to be thought-provoking and witty. Each character is distinct and the story progresses nicely throughout the whole movie dealing with such issues as relationships between friends and loved-ones, fame, fortune, and staying true to one's self. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants a great laugh. The dialogue is well written and the actors themselves do all the dancing and singing. In my opinion, this was the best made-for-TV movie on MTV.
  • I was a highschool freshman, the first ever made-for-TV MTV movie was being premiered, was there any doubt that I was going to watch it even though it was about a boyband? No, not at all. While I figured it would be terrible, I watched it anyway, mostly because I was in that 15 year old tool stage where I still cared what girls thought, instead of just ruffying them.

    I was GREATLY surprised. This movie knocked me off of my feet. From the hilarious songs, to Kevin Farley as a member of the band, I laughed the entire time. If you have never seen it, I pity you, as it does not look as though MTV will ever release it to DVD. Your best bet? Go buy the two CD's (one from the Movie, one from the Series) and listen until your CD player explodes.

    Is this the best movie ever? Quite possibly so.
  • ktbspa8527 September 2003
    I can watch this movie over and over again. Not only did I enjoy the singing and dancing, the characters were genuinely funny and then scenario was believeable. I believe this is the best made for TV movie I've ever seen. I hope they put it on DVD.
  • For being a movie that was just suddenly put on MTV, it is very good. It was really funny with very funny people in it, including Kevin Farley, the late Chris Farley's brother. I loved it and have seen it many many times!
  • I love this movie. Truly I do. There isn't ONE scene here that I hated as usually is how I feel about ALL movies. 2Gether is FUNNY and entertaining and I am proud to own the VHS tape (that is not bootlegged). It had me laughing almost every 5 minutes. I love comedies espeically when they are stupid ones such as this movie. I could watch it again and again and again!!!
  • 2gether was a really funny movie! My sister taped it! Q.T. and Chad are hot! the movie is very funny and I think everyone should watch it whether they like boy bands or not, either way you should find it funny! Keep in mind it is supposed to be kinda corny! Jerry is trying to keep his girlfriend and be a teen idol, Chad is shy and really wants a Ski do, Doug ( Chad's older brother ) is supposed to be the older brother of the group, Mickey P just wants to win a fight, and Q.T. has a disease ( Brian Litrell? yeah I think so too ) and he is obsessed with girls! Well I don't want to tell you the whole movie but watch it and find out for yourself! MTV did a great job and so did the cast!
  • celebgirl24 February 2000
    I really enjoyed this movie. I think that the best part about it was that the guys were not just good dancers and good actors, but they could sing as well. I have a new appreciation of the definition of boy-band, and I hope that "2GE+HER" becomes very popular!!!
  • I thought 2Gether was hilarious! Although I do like boy bands and it kinda makes fun of them...It was very entertaining. And I think the actors are very talented b/c not only did they have to act, but they had to sing and dance as well! They did not lip sync as you would know if you watched to pre-show for 2Gether on MTV! And one more thing...I think Noah Bastian who plays Chad Linus in the movie is a major hottie! If you like the movie I suggest you buy the soundtrack b/c it is so hilarious and worth the money! I love u Noah!
  • 2gether is the funniest spoof of boy bands today. Alex, Michael, Kevin, Even and the hottie Noah can act, sing, dance and give out this vibe of coolness. I love watching the show that follows them to the top. 2gether has all the right components. A tough guy, Alex. The cutie with an amazing voice, Michael. The horny, lovable clown, Kevin. The classic soap opera hot, Even. And the adorable shy and vulnerable, Noah. I'm deeply sad about Michaels passing and hope that the other members can keep up 2gether without him, although it will be hard. Miss you, love you. --Rebecca
  • TRacKels8718 February 2002
    Holy gesmoly this movie rox! I see at least 1 movie a week, usually 2 but 2GETHER is by far the best movie I have ever seen. The guys are so hot and the movie is so funny! I have seen it over 20 times. Definatley the best movie of all time, I would recommend this to anyone!
  • OMG!! This is one of the best movies I have ever seen!! It's soo funny and 2gether is like the greatest band! They seem like really cool guys and they sing really well. I wish this movie was on VHS. If anyone out there knows if it is PLEASE e-mail me. Thanks alot! 2gether rules!!
  • 2gether was a wonderful movie made by MTV! It is by far the BEST movie they have ever made. It made me literally laugh my a** of at some points, and cry at others. I don't know anyone who didn't LOVE this movie. Mickey Parke doing all sorts of outrageous things and acting like the biggest poser ever was so funny. I suggest anyone who hasn't seen this movie to SEE IT and anyone who loved this movie like me to watch the series on MTV Mondays at 10:00 PM!!
  • The movie is funny as hell and QT's part of where he makes out with his hand is funny. Its funny how they mock the boy bands. I like how they made WOAH a teenage boy band version of Milli Vanilli. Out of a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 15.
  • averill01322 February 2000
    All of the guys that say that this was a bad movie should shut up! I mean it was for the girls because they had hot guys and it was for the guys because they were basically making fun of boy bands! DUH! It was hilarious and I've seen it twice now. Next time I'll tape it. I can't understand how anyone didn't like it other than it was too dumb, meaning you don't like dumb comedy movies like dumb and dumber or your a guy and anything about boy bands is totally stupid to you.

  • mrghstfacenc1726 September 2000
    I saw this movie commercial free when it first premiered on MTV. Lemme just say that this movie is really funny. I like it a lot. The acting is great. I was so shocked to see that all the "members" could sing and dance like real performers. The movie is about a pop manager who gets fired. He wants to show everyone that he still has what it takes by forming the hottest new boy boyband. He uses the basic elements of a boyband, The hunk, The Rebel, The Shy One, The Older Brother, and The Little One. The group rehearses until they know what being in a boyband is all about. They have to run against their rival band WOAH! Woah is a bunch of lip singing jerks. 2gether exposes them and takes the spotlight. Soon they bcome the hottest thing. The movie ends there. But there is a series now. It's way funnier than the movie.

    Chad is really funny. They are all good and you should watch the show if u don't. I just wanna know y they haven't put the movie on DVD or something.
  • A lot of people have been commenting on the idea that producers can simply pump out boy bands by getting five guys that can sing pretty well and have the right personalities. MTV was the first to actually come out and make a movie about it. 2gether is a movie about a manager that is fired from his original managing job (managing another boy band call Woah) who must put together another band within a week. He has a theory that you need five personalities in your standard boy band: the heartthrob, the shy one, the older brother, the bad boy, and the little guy. He goes around to different places trying to find theses characters and still have time to teach them the songs and dance moves.

    The movie does a wonderful job showing how easy it would be to put together a band considering the fact that sometimes he just runs into people that would be perfect for the job. The movie is shot as if they wee making a documentary about the band. Sometimes the characters talk to the camera and when a new person is introduced a computer generated screen pops up giving us their profile. Despite all of the rush, the guys turn out great by the time of their big performance.
  • Virtualy an unknown cast but it's fun and very energetic. It's about 5 guys that make up the ultimate boy band. These guys can really sing and dance with the best of them. Now they are no *N Sync or The Backstreet Boys but the singing is just as good. I know that this cast of characters can sing and dance. Evan Farmer is a very good singer and it's just pure fun and a very cool movie! Giv it a chance. It'son MTV all the time. I even even heard that there is going to be a T.V. series on MTV. Now I told you guys theses guys are talented1 I'll be watching an tapeing every episode! Out of 4 stars I gve it 3 1/2 stars!
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