The first TV movie made to air on MTV. It premiered without commercial interruption on 21 February 2000.

Michael Cuccione's mother, Gloria accompanied him during filming as he was only fourteen at the time.

Filming began in October 1999 and commenced later that year.

Although fictional, the main cast did their own singing and dancing.

[DIRECTOR'S CAMEO] Nigel Dick appears as the director of the Sea Doo commercial during the credits sequence.

A full music video of "Rub One Out" by the fictional Whoa! was made but only a small portion was used in the film.

Kevin Farley was 35 (or 34) years old when he was a member as Doug Linus.

The film was followed by a television series of the same name for two seasons.

The success of the television film led the main cast as one of the opening acts for Britney Spears in 2000, in character as 2gether.