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  • have not seen a film like this, or of this caliber, in years. can't believe it has no votes yet. no cliches, good acting. try it, please.young teacher tries to imbue knowledge, make a difference. definitely NOT the Waltons.
  • this movie is a heartwarming and bittersweet story of love between a young teacher and her student. the dialouge is alright. cheesy? definitely. but thats ok. this movie comes on lifetime once in a while. i would recommend it to people who like romances. 8 stars out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this film. As a retired teacher I can feel for a young teacher going into face a potentially difficult class and all the challenges that such a situation presents. She wants to inspire the children and fill their minds with a desire to learn. What better way than to take the children out into the cold, wintry countryside for rambles, which does not go down well with some of the older members of the community. The various family situations of the children are dealt with sympathetically and all the youngsters perform admirably. Some of Claire's (Isabella Fink) scenes were very touching. The expression on her little face at the end, as the teacher departed, would melt your heart. The adult cast contains the always excellent Michael Morriarty in the role of the father of a rather rebellious teenager who falls in love with the teacher - a situation that is sensitively handled in the film without causing offence. At the end, the teacher has made such a connection with her pupils that they will always live in her heart.
  • really was enjoying this film but a knock at the door and accidental turn off of my sky box and I missed the last 20 minutes! Could someone tell me the ending as it was so gripping and I feel I really need to know the outcome! Yes ,I did get very in to it! thank you.

    I thought the storyline was enjoyable-enthusiastic young teacher tames a wild and unruly class in a village school.She goes on to win their respect and love too.She is brave to try and stand up to a father but unfortunately tended to follow her heart not her head in regard to the 15 yr old young man in her class.I have an autistic son so that part also touched a nerve and I was in floods of tears when the knock came at the door!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked the movie very much, especially Yani Gellman. He's cute! I didn't like the ending, because I prefer happy endings, but beside that, it's a great movie! It's about a teacher that starts teaching in a small town. Where nobody likes here teaching methods. But then she meats a student who's the oddball of the town.The boy, called Mederic, is half Indian and that's why he's disliked in the town. Also his father is a pain in the ass.He doesn't trust any one. And strangely she's the only one who the student lets get closer to him.with as a consequence that a little romance is starting to bloom. But then another man wants to marry Gabrielle. ( the teacher). It's quit dramatic, but not predictable ore something. It's a good movie. And although it's a half year ago I've seen it, I still remember the movie like I saw it yesterday.

    ( sorry for my English faults, I'm not English)
  • this film is one of the best i have seen so far, i really enjoyed watching it and it can be enjoyed by people of most ages. the acting was brilliant and the storyline was perfect. the emotion shown in the film was outstanding. it was a definite tear jerker. a wonderful performance from Yani Gellman, this film was the first film i had seen with him starring in it and i am confident in saying that i am now a great fan of his. i would gladly give praise to the producers and director of this film. the ending of the film was, I'm sad to say, the saddest part of the film. it ends in a way that i really wasn't expecting, but even with this shocking and very sad ending i still would recommend this film to everyone. just make sure you have a box of tissues handy!
  • The title, Children of My Heart, says it all. The story unfolds within the context of love. I liked the story and the way it brings out how people react to creative, loving ideas, and how they appreciate acknowledgment. I compare this movie to Good Will Hunting in the sense of life-changing kindnesses.
  • carriecoles0628 January 2005
    This film touches you like many films cant do anymore, it was a classic right from the start.

    I couldn't believe at first that a teacher would fall in love with her pupil and I was almost shocked but with her innocence and the way she wanted to make sure that everyone was happy was adoring and the snow scene will stay in my heart forever.

    I am not usually a bossy person but I order everyone to watch it...because you wont regret it in fact you will want to watch it again and again and again!!!

    This film should be remembered forever and they should show it more on television and amazon should sell it!!
  • The story behind the sickly title: an old French woman looks back on her time as a schoolteacher in a Canadian prairie town, and her love for a fifteen-year-old boy who is part Indian, and as such is the subject of racist remarks.

    This TV movie is touching in a weepy sort of way but it fails to be dramatic. However the prairie life and depression-era were evoked well. A bit too innocent for my liking though.

    The characters are all 2D and the script is very cheesy and cliché. Saying that, if you like Nicholas Sparks' novels, you will probably enjoy this. However, be prepared for weeping.