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  • Lunk-headed hicks rob their rural community's beloved whorehouse. Big Bertha, cherished Madame and local celebrity altruist, is so distraught about having to close shop that the whole town comes to her aid in tracking down the unscrupulous thieves.

    Fairly well executed for such a minor film, and admittedly quite funny at times...unfortunately, the nudity is surprisingly brief considering the subject matter at hand, and the film therefor ends up feeling like wholesome family entertainment which happens to center around a brothel. Satisfactory performances and higher production values than many films of its genus help to raise this romp a half-notch higher than the standard...a watchable timewaster worth a 99 cent rental, but nobody's going to be waving it around and squealing with the excitement of unearthing an "unknown gem".

  • Extremely cheap and odd slapstick comedy of the "down home" variety. It resembles an episode of DUKES OF HAZZARD with breasts. It must have had the population of Alabama in stiches when it played drive-ins during the mid-to late-Seventies. Big Bertha herself is a rotund and extremely cheerful woman who genuinely cares about "her girls." Benevolent, Southern whorehouse shananigans, moonshine, horny policemen, jiggle girls, and a robbery all converge, resulting in a SOMETHING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM-styled conclusion. I wonder what ever happened to these people and if they even remember making this film. Very obscure, quaint, and dated.
  • rebschucks11 August 2005
    I bought this movie for $1.00 at a flea market because the title was so odd - I finally watched it about two years later when I was drunk with my friends. I don't remember anything about it except at some point Big Bertha gets mad and shoots a gun while banjo music plays in the background. Oh, and I think one of the girls at the whorehouse is possessed... It's been about 10 years and I still have this movie on my person, and I don't think I've watched it since, but the title never ceases to entertain me. Actually I was a little surprised that this movie was even listed because the quality of my tape was so bad I assumed it was possibly a homemade dealie. Score 10/10 because who cares?