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  • This is a somewhat above average compilation video that features different combinations of boys and girls that always equal three. There are six scenes all together of these trios doing healthy exercises.

    There are many highlights to this video including the director in the first scene who looks like Jerry's dad on Sienfeld and Lacy Rose's 'Ride Em Cowboy' line. But my favorite bit was scene 3 'A Little Bit Of The Booty'. In this scene a Eminem wannabe and a Ben Affleck wannabe 'tag team' to take on the totally hot Kirsty Waay. Great scene! Hot angles and rocking music.

    The girls are all typical 80s porn starlets. However, special credit to Lacy Rose who gave a super hot performance and Kirsty Waay who is really sexy (did I already say that).

    On the downside this video has 80s holdouts Joey Silvera and Peter North in it. I'm just tired of them.

    Overall, I give this compilation tape a 6 vote.