Sharon Pogue: Then I realized that it doesn't have to be perfect. I mean, it can be whatever it is

Sharon Pogue: I need more sleep, come back in a month

Catch: Come back, what makes you think I'll come back

Sharon Pogue: I don't know, why are you here?

Catch: I'm here to tell you that when you tell someone you're going to be somewhere and that person re-arranges their whole life, you should be a lot more aware and a lot more considerate instead of just...

Sharon Pogue: [interrupts] What's in the bag?

Catch: None of your business

Sharon Pogue: You bring coffee?

Catch: You think you deserve coffee?

Sharon Pogue: You bring any food?

Catch: You don't deserve any food, I'll tell you that

Sharon Pogue: You never said a word about yourself the other night, who are you?

Catch: What's the difference!

Sharon Pogue: What's the difference, you're standing in my bedroom, looking through my panty drawer, that's the difference, who are you?

Catch: Somebody who keeps his appointments.

Catch: You ever wonder what scratch means?, what people mean when they say "Let's start from scratch", this is scratch.

Catch: [Catch is at the cemetery looking at the headstones of his wife and son] Annie. Max. I don't want you to think I forgot you, it's just that I couldn't find you. I woke up and you were gone, everything was gone, it just disappeared in one minute. I couldn't remember that minute, I lost it, but I think I found it all now. I used a calculator, see. Do you know we get about 1500 minutes a day?, so I figured it out. I was 29 years old, three months and eight days, so it was minute number 14,500,980 or so. That's the one I lost and when I lost that minute, I guess I... I tried to lose it all, all the memories because it hurt so bad. I tried, but... but I couldn't do it. Max, you were sick that day, remember?, it was your birthday and you ate too much. Annie, you said ''Slow down, it's wet, okay?'' And you were right, I should have slowed down. I should have slowed down lots of times, but I didn't always listen. I didn't listen when you, when you said, ''Steve, just please spend more time.'' That day I made you smile, Max, remember? You looked at me and I made a face and then we all smiled. It was a great minute. It was. I'm so glad l found that minute and no matter what... no matter what, I won't forget anymore. I won't forget anymore, I love you.

Sharon Pogue: It's not a good neighborhood, maybe I should walk you to your car.

Catch: I don't have a car.

Sharon Pogue: Would you like a ride home?

Catch: No thank you, I like to walk, Are you OK to drive?

Sharon Pogue: I'm not drunk, you think I'm drunk, cause you'll know when I'm drunk when I start throwing up!

[Catch is staring at Sharon intently in the car]

Sharon Pogue: What!

Catch: Oh, I was trying to picture you without your clothes on!

Sharon Pogue: [startled] Excuse Me!

Catch: Oh, not like that, I mean I'm trying to picture you without your uniform, on your day off... with regular clothes.

Catch: This is what you told me about, right?

Sharon Pogue: What?

Catch: Your interrogation, so do I need a lawyer?

Larry Pogue Sr.: You know what Sharon, It's not cool that you start showing up around here in your cop uniform, then people will start getting the impression that we're in trouble!.

Elanora: Catch Your coat's all dirty, what happened?

Catch: I tackled somebody today.

Elanora: Really?

Catch: Yeah, he had the ball and he was running for a touchdown so I stopped him!

Elanora: Will you please be serious Catch!

Catch: I met somebody, she's a police officer.

Elanora: Really, I hope you didn't have to tackle her too!

Sharon Pogue: Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn't look through people's drawers

Catch: Why, it looks more real in here

Sharon Pogue: It's considered rude

Catch: Now that I'm here, you seem kinda mad about it, maybe I should get going?

Sharon Pogue: Believe me, When I'm mad, you'll know it

Catch: Is this the mad part?

Sharon Pogue: Maybe going is a good idea

[Catch is knocking on Sharon's door]

Sharon Pogue: I was just getting to sleep finally.

Catch: Well We made a date.

Sharon Pogue: It wasn't a date

Catch: Ok fine, an appointment, I keep my appointments

Sharon Pogue: Let's talk about something stupid!

Catch: Ok, you first!

Sharon Pogue: When you said that we were "supposed" to meet, what did you mean by that, it sounds a little too Psychic Friends Network like?

Catch: Well it means that one's senses are attracted to a particular odour of another person and it draws the person to them.

Sharon Pogue: What do you do?, where do work?, Where are you from?,


Sharon Pogue: I'm sorry but it's just I'm no good at this whole dating thing, every time I try to talk to somebody, it always comes out like an interrogation

[Catch has brought Elanora her groceries]

Catch: I brought you nectarines cause the peaches were hard as rocks

Sharon Pogue: I see you got a new friend here, what's his name?

Catch: Bob

Sharon Pogue: [startled] You named your dog BOB?, did he tell you that?

Catch: Yeah!

Sharon Pogue: Tell me straight out, who are you?

Catch: Why, what is it you're looking for?

Sharon Pogue: Your life, I want no surprises

Catch: My name is Catch, I don't commit any crimes, I walk around town, that's all of it, except for you, the way I feel about you

Sharon Pogue: Which is?

Catch: Surprising, I thought it was impossible, I thought I was


Sharon Pogue: You thought you were what, gay?

Catch: Dead

Sharon Pogue: Am I supposed to get that

Catch: No you're not

Robby: So I take it your little date sucked?

Sharon Pogue: I just don't have to tell my life story to a total stranger. "What do you do?" and "Where are you from?" It's endless.

Robby: No, I think the problem was you didn't wanna clean his little bitty pipes too soon.

Sharon Pogue: No, the problem is that *all* I wanted to do was clean his pipes. It was the conversation that was pissin' me off.

Robby: Well, baby girl, if it's servicing you need...

Sharon Pogue: Shut the fuck up.

Sharon Pogue: I don't like being jerked around.

Catch: I'm not.

[first lines]

Sharon Pogue: We have multiple vehicles. Possible DOAs, multiple injuries. In contact major accident. We're gonna need some more ambulances over here.

Radio Dispatcher: All units have been deployed. I don't have an ETA.

Ray Micigliano: I know something that always puts *me* to sleep.

Sharon Pogue: What, the sound of your own voice? Oh that's right, that puts your wife to sleep.

Robby: I think it's the best for everybody.

Sharon Pogue: Really? And who's everybody?

Robby: Me.

[last lines]

Catch: I'll drive.

[Catch walks into Sharon's apartment and doesn't close the door behind him]

Sharon Pogue: [annoyed] Do you have door issues?

[Sharon angrily shuts the door]

Sharon Pogue: I called you at seven, seven o'clock.

Catch: Well l get up early. l walked there and l waited there for you.