[to a bounty hunter who signs his receipt with an "X"]

Sheriff: When are you gonna learn writin'? You might not look smarter, but you'll feel smarter.

Wes: Sheriff!

Sheriff: Yessir.

[indicates a wanted poster depicting hooded bandits]

Wes: Who are they?

Sheriff: Not much to know about them 'cept for their hoods. They've been robbing banks all across the state of Texas since the war.

Wes: Well, they hit Twin Forks a couple days back.

Jack: Yeah, Sam Sheppard's dead, Ben.

Wes: They killed him and his whole posse.

Sheriff: [grimacing] Damn! They're good.

Wes: I figure if they ain't here yet, they're comin'.

Sheriff: You boys got any good news for me?

Billy: Well, hell, Sheriff - we're here!

Hannah: You're not mad at me for killin' you pa. You're not even mad for robbing those banks or butchering that posse. You're mad because you don't care any more. I made you love me.

Jack: So, Wes... do you think there's any chance in hell she's gonna let you take her in?

Syl: Well, she coulda killed him... She didn't.

Jack: If I go after her again, she's gonna have to kill me.

Syl: Well then, why go after her?

Wes: I gotta see this thing through. How we end it's up to her. You don't have to come along, Syl... Any of ya.

Syl: No, I'm comin'. I have to.

Jack: Me?

Wes: Yeah.

Jack: Well, I had to kill a fifteen-year-old girl. Even if I never understand why I had to do that, I still got to look her mother in the eye.

Wes: Billy?

Billy: They're outlaws... no different from Packer and his crowd. Hell, we went after them for a lot less reason.

Wes: All right then.

Hannah: I should have killed you when I had the chance.

Wes: We all make mistakes.

Wes: Jack?

The Widow: He'll live.

Wes: Syl?

Syl: [clutching his bleeding chest wound] Never better.

Hannah: [to Wes] You feel bad about Silver Creek? I'll tell you about Silver Creek, I was there, so was Ellie and the Widow. I had a son, did you know that? He was four years old, four years old and they gunned him down in the streets like a dog. And your militia, your precious gorillas all six of them they beat the shit out of us and raped us until we bled, and this

[shows the scars on her back]

Hannah: this is war, Captain, and it doesn't stop just because some general says so.

The Widow: [in a bath house] Ah hell, this place is making me horny.

Hannah: Is that an invitation?

The Widow: Uh no, no, you USE sex.

Hannah: Sex is power.

The Widow: Power don't turn me on.

Hannah: Well it's what turns men on.

Hannah: [to a soldier who raped her] No more... No more... No more!

[shoots him]

Ellie: Time to die.

[slits a man's throat]

Hannah: Ellie quit playing around and finish the rest.

Hannah: [points to her head] You can't be raped up here. Nothing can get to you up here unless you let it.

The Widow: Hannah, I've been raped too... but when I make love, I *make love*.

Hannah: I can make love too,

[to Ellie]

Hannah: can't I sweetheart? I can make people love me.

[kisses Ellie]

The Widow: Yeah, I'm sure you can.

The Widow: You know, I actually feel sorry for the poor bastards, I really do.

The Widow: I guess I ain't gonna let you kill him. Been enough killings.

Ellie: It's a little late to go self-righteous on us, Widow, you've done your fair share! And so did that precious daughter of yours!

The Widow: [hits Ellie in the mouth with her gun and knocks her down] I KNOW what I have done, and whatever Janie did or didn't do, that will be on MY conscience, NOT HERS! And your little stunt at the bank, that KILLED Janie!

Ellie: So what?

[Widow cocks her gun]

Jack: [after sex with Widow] My heart, my heart... Your first husband died of his ulcer, right?

The Widow: First husband? No, I ain't ever been married.

Jack: How's that possible?

The Widow: I guess cuz I slaved away for the same old bitch since I was 5, The Widow Wilson. Widow Wilson's me, but no, I ain't ever had no real name.

Jack: What about Janie?

The Widow: Janie? Widow had a brother. Janie's a sweetheart, she deserves better than this... aw well, who doesn't?

Hannah: We did what we had to do.

The Widow: No, we crossed WAY over the line when we killed that posse.

Hannah: Well, we're paying for it now.

Wes: You're real good at making people love you, only problem is you've forgotten how to love anyone back.

Hannah: I didn't forget... I guess they took it from me when they killed my son...

[cocks gun]

Hannah: I'm sorry you ever met me.

Ellie: [returning to Silver Creek where they were raped] Welcome home, Widow, welcome to hell.

Hannah: [takes off the general's badge] All this, for glory? You want a war? I'll give you a war.

[shoots him]

Wes: Why'd you do it?

Hannah: Why'd I do what?

Wes: Try the bank, bitch, the old folks, the posse, any of it.

Hannah: You wouldn't understand.

Wes: Try me.

Hannah: War?

Wes: War?

Hannah: Yeah war.

Wes: My... what happened to my pa?

Hannah: Your pa was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he came around that corner just another uniform and I blew his brains out. You want me to say I'm sorry? Well I'm not.

Ellie: They followed us here!

Hannah: What do you mean? Who followed us here?

Ellie: Your stinking cowhands are slate for the Twin Forks posse what I mean. The whole damn town's mounting off about it.

Hannah: Did Jack say anything to you?

The Widow: Well we ain't exactly talk much.

Ellie: [laughs] Well that's just beautiful.

Hannah: So they followed us here, so what?

The Widow: Let's get the hell out of here.

Hannah: And go where? I'm not going to live the rest of my life looking over my shoulder.

Hannah: [at Silver Creek] Every single thing in this town is dead. We just ain't laid ourselves out yet.

Hannah: Wes is going to come, and he's going to come here, so let's just end it.

The Widow: That's crazy, Hannah.

Hannah: So leave.

The Widow: You know I can't do that, but I think staying to face something when we can run is pretty stupid.

Hannah: Might be nice, mightn't it? Stop, get a home, one with walls I mean, and a man.

Ellie: Don't, you're scaring me.

[Widow laughs]

Hannah: It's only a dream, Ellie, only a dream.

The Widow: Is it? Hell, ain't never too late.

Hannah: Oh yeah, what're we going to do? Earn fees and grub on some God-forsaken prairie for 14 hours a day so we can all get pregnant a dozen times and die, that what you want to do? I didn't think so.

April: What we did to that posse, I can't do that again, I can't, Sherrie, I want to go home.

Sherrie: I know, April, I know.

Ellie: Ungrateful bitch.

Hannah: They wouldn't last for five minutes on their own and they know it.

Ellie: Where the hell have you been? Who is he?

Hannah: [laughs] You're jealous.

Ellie: I am not, who is he?

Hannah: He is nobody.

Ellie: Swear?

Hannah: I swear, bit a fun, that's all Ellie.

Ellie: You swear?

Hannah: I swear, sweetheart.

Ellie: You wouldn't lie to me!

Hannah: I wouldn't lie to you.

Ellie: I wouldn't like you to lie to me! I can smell him!

Hannah: Don't be silly.

Ellie: Don't leave me, Hannah, please, don't ever leave me.

Hannah: I'll never leave you, Ellie, where would I go?

Jane: Mama doesn't mean anything by it, Ellie, she only wants what's best for us.

Ellie: Well she better stay the *hell* out of my way!

Marie: We' all gonna die, might as well die rich.

The Widow: Hey Hannah, how many more dead posses do there got to be?

Hannah: Alright, one last big hit.

The Widow: That's the right thinking.

Ellie: We should take the bank and get the hell out of here.

The Widow: You know Hannah, for once she's right. It's all gonna close in on us.

Hannah: No, it's too risky.

The Widow: Yeah well we don't got many choices, sooner or later we gotta stop, might as well have some money in our pockets.

Hannah: Stop and do what?

The Widow: It don't matter what we do, we keep on like this, somebody's going to figure out who we are.