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  • This movie has gotten a bad wrap in the reviews on this site.

    The simple fact is the movie is NOT meant to be taken seriously. It's a teen comedy and a made for TV one at that.

    Watch it. Laugh. . . even at the dumb jokes. It's not Shakespare, for Pete's sake!

    Yes it crosses a few boundaries (nudity, teen sex, casual sex, statutory rape, etc.) but that's part of what's so funny about it. It does not glorify teen sex.

    To turn a phrase from another teen movie: "GET OVER IT!"
  • I absolutely loved this movie. It is a perfect cast of actors playing very recognizable stereotypes that are present in every American high school. The script, though no work of Shakespeare, is well-done and is full of great, memorable lines (Gynger to Adam's parents, "I'm pregnant, you know, like Mary was with Jesus - only I know who the father is"). I think some of these other commenters must be parents or atl east adults lacking a sense of humor and taking this movie WAY too seriously. The movie definitely does not encourage promiscuous teen sex or other such "bad" behaviors - if anything it discourages them by showing all the headache following unprotected sex (Gynger got pregnant, Adam and Gynger screwed up the relationship between each other, between Adam and Amber, and with their parents - besides the fact that Adam nearly went to prison). I think it's cute that little Gynger is the sexual aggressor in the lust affairs - usually guys are blamed for pressuring girls into stuff.

    It's a funny, tongue-in-cheek look at the adult perception of teens and teenage sex and the stereotypes in my generation - a must see for any teen and a must-avoid for any uptight parents/adults.
  • this movie was based on something that happened in my hometown of wisconsin. except, there was no cheating. they were dating for like two years and the girl's mother brought the issue to the police after her daughter had consensual sex with her boyfriend and got pregnant. The girlfriend wanted nothing to do her boyfriend in court and wanted everything to be over.

    i guess it was really sad for the couple. i don't know if they're still together.

    also, i don't think that the prosecutor was up for mayor. i think she was just going for the same position she had.
  • The movie was okay, at least for an MTV made for television jobber. The story was a little cliche and there were some bad moments, but overall it was good enough. The acting in many cases though, was actually well done. All of the teens were very believable (as they should be) and the grownups were equally well played. The movie also had it's funny moments. Not much can be said for the cinematography or direction, they were pretty standard fare, but on the whole they were satisfactory. Overall, a good movie, could have been better, but for MTV it was good.
  • Even though the movie was terrible and presented just about every stereotype imaginable, it did raise some good points. For instance, if someone in the movie had actually used protection the whole plot line would never have happened. And that did would have saved everyone from 80+ minutes of bad acting, and a one-dimensional look on life.
  • i saw this movie on cable, and it was hilarious! it truly was, and i was really surprised that i hadnt seen this movie just after release. its got great one liners. great kinky looks. and wonderful comdedy.
  • Well, it's isn't the worst movie I ever seen but it's not far from that. I think they where trying to make this movie so bad, so it would be funny. But I didn't think it was funny at all, well I laugh maybe a couple of times, but that was because of this stupid plot. Gynger was a reel cuty though! But it isn't worth more than 1 out of 10.
  • Jailbait was a decent TV movie, but it could have been better. Filled with cliche characters, such as the prude girlfriend, stud football star, slimebag lawyer and bible toting mother, they don't blend together well. The movie is told from the point of view of the protagonists girlfriend, but since she is not an integral part of the plot I found it annoying. If approached more seriously, this could have been a good movie.
  • I watched this movie only because it is based on a real life story. It is a comedic look at the story of Kevin Gilson from Port Washington, Wisconsin. I know this guy from years before and was curious how they would play it out. While the truth is no laughing matter this movie sure is. I love the fantasy scenes and of course the goofy sex scenes. It's a thumbs up as it is campy and just plain funny. It's a bit raunchy and very "John Waters-esque"
  • This movie is actually based off of my mother Stephanie Damiana and my brothers father Kevin Gilson its weird because nothing in this movie is the same at all on what happened in real life but overall it was a great movie.My mother was pregnant with twins when my grandma found out she pushed her down the stairs and she lost one twin but she still has a kid and no they have not been together for over 11 years now they did have a boy his name is Christopher gilson aka.(my brother
  • SnoopyStyle7 November 2018
    Adam Fisher is a senior and the king of Gatlin High. With his girlfriend Amber saving herself, he has sex with 15 year old sophomore Gynger and knocks her up. Adam is arrested for statutory rape. After her white trash mother gets arrested, she moves in with the Fishers to pretend to be a couple. Assistant D.A. Lydia Stone (Mo Gaffney) uses his case to raise her profile in her run for mayor.

    Allan Moyle directed a couple of my favorites from Pump Up the Volume to New Waterford Girl. There is a definite decline in the quality of his work and his production budget. It's like he had a handle on 90's teen angst but once the decade ended, he lost his way. He's trying for social satire but it only works intermittently. The visual is an ugly low budget affair. The two teen leads are airheads with limited comedic skills. The guy actually fits the dumb role but it gets annoying. The girl is an empty blonde mean girl. I only really like the selfish angry Amber for the laughs. It's hard to like anybody else.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow, this movie's the best one shown on our TV Channel! Okay, so most of the hot, "good" scenes were mercilessly blacked out, but still the part where Amber um, "reminds herself of Adam (You get what I mean, Right?)" is superb! I'm looking for the DVD, but apparently it's only available on EBay, so I guess I'll have to wait till they repeat it after two years or so. Bottom line- Watch it at all costs! Also since I'm supposed to write at least 10 lines of text, I'll tell you the best scenes. 1)The intro where Mary Gross introduces us to "Premarital Affairs" 2)The Cafeteria Scene 3)Adam's Party Scene 4)Amber's "Scene!"

    Also I found Amber's mom's curses to be pretty funny, but that's just me. Anyway, go & enjoy it, watch it, buy it, whatever, & leave a comment!
  • I got this pitiful movie on Net-Flix under the disguise of it being an Edward D. Wood Jr. 1954 classic...It was not! Ed baby would have saved this film. It has to rank amongst the worst piesces of garbage I have ever been subjected to. Ed would have given this film camp, and comedy. there is nothing to laugh about here. It was 94 minutes out of my life that no one will ever give back. Don't bother and don't be fooled on Net-Flix. This is NOT and Ed Wood movie by any stretch of your imagination. Get the other classic Ed movies, and avoid this teen crap at all cost. You won't find it funny. You'll just feel sad for these actors and this sorry script. What a waste of film. My mother (82 years young) could have done better.
  • Watching this movie makes one realize just what can go wrong when you do a 'naughty' thing. As a comedy, it cracked me up. On the serious end, it made me understand the dangers that 'not waiting' can cause. Definitely a movie to watch!
  • I caught this movie on late night cable last night and actually quite enjoyed it. Sure sometimes a few of its ideas are a bit silly (stupid?), but the comedy is overall great, the actors and actresses play their parts well, the direction is imaginative and pulled off well, and the storyline is quirky and totally non-generic. Reminds me of Kingpin (1996) - check that one out if you liked this.

    For the life of me though - i still cant see wheather this is a 'teen movie', a 'pre-teen movie', or something for older people. It just seems to defy anything.

    8/10 - with a smile :)
  • I can't believe people compare this dreck to ELECTION. Not even close.

    Music was good and yes the cast is attractive but that is all for this piece of s#@!. If you want a much better treatment of pregnancy and a satire of the subject -- go watch CITIZEN RUTH instead.
  • chica-1716 April 2000
    I thought this movie had a lot of bad kind of showed that you can get out of your problems were really easy to get out of......DEFINITELY not as good as 2+gether! It had some funny parts...but other than that it wasnt very good.....i think MTV needs to go back to playing videos 24/7 and not show stuff like this
  • "Jailbait," though full of bad acting and cheap lines, is fresh and funny because it's so full of taboos. First of all, it's obvious most (if not all) of the actors are Canadian due to their accents, but this doesn't really matter (it just takes away realism if the film's set in the US). Secondly, here we have a 15 year old girl who is sexually aggressive and manipulative. She's portrayed as a vixenous, trashy sex object, battling with an unattractive, whiny virgin over a cute but dumb guy. The underage sex, pregnancy-taken-lightly, and manipulation of the legal system are all "iffy" issues, but they also make for great comedy. The best character in "Jailbait" is the attorney Chuck Clopperman, who embodies every cheesy lawyer clich√© in the book. The scenes with him are great (for example, when a "Chuck Clopperman Parking" sign falls down to reveal a handicapped parking sign). I definitely recommend seeing "Jailbait" if you didn't catch one of the 3,000 viewings on MTV when it came out.
  • I've just finished watching what I feel is the most painfully unfunny film of the decade. I thought 'The Watcher' and 'Whatever It Takes' was bad, but no, here comes 'Jailbait'. Who cares if it's on MTV, DVD, or's junk! The acting is bad. The situation is stupid. The virginal girl's Voice Over is so annoying that it sounds like a Valley Girl raking her nails on a chalk board. I don't think I laughed once throughout this movie. The smarmy lawyer was the absolute worst part...oh, and the dad offering to masturbate with his son. Grrreat. Don't compare this to John Waters. Why? Because John Waters is actually funny. His trashy characters are believable and at least have more than one dimension. Skip this. *ugh* I give this film .5/10 (no, not five...there's a decimal before it)
  • This movie has everything! It was amazing and reminded me ALOT of a John Waters movies. Hard to beleve anyone could match Water's talent? Check this one out! Featuring under age sex between "Mr. Popularity" and the schools "White/Trailor trash chick", A bitchy and hilarius canidate for mayor and many other deliteful actors to make up this colorfull cast!