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  • Review Date 6/11/2019

    I Have Reviewed OVER 500 "Christmas Films and Specials". Please BEWARE Of films and specials with just one review! For instance When "It's a POSITIVE" chances are that the reviewer was involved with the production. "If its Negative" then they may have a grudge against the film for whatever reason. I am fare about these films.

    Here we see a replacement Santa Claus being sought and the humble Father Lloyd Court (Arnold Pinnock) has been picked out to carry out the highly important task.

    However Lloyd is far from happy with his sudden elevated status and is soon accidentally wreaking havoc at the North Pole.

    This film starts off great. The first 45 minutes were wonderful. Then the rest of the film the cast seems to be rushing their performances. The greatness this film promises dies out rather quickly the 45 minute mark.

    The ending was a rip-off of the much better film "The Santa Clause"
  • Viertel11 December 2004
    This is a sweet movie that is not sappy.

    The movie opens with a new Santa who is old & ill - and the hunt for a new Santa is on. A new Santa is soon found - though not necessarily the one they started out to find.

    The new Santa is portrayed as a real human being - one who is not perfect and at times who must learn things the hard way.

    This movie has a lot to teach to anyone who is willing to watch and listen with an open mind and an open heart.
  • I will be the first to admit that this movie is a little hokey at times, but it is a very heart-warming and entertaining family movie.

    I highly recommend it for family viewing. Family movies are rare nowadays and when a good one comes along it is really a joy.
  • I was tempted to give this only four stars, but I added a fifth because it was an unusual presentation.

    The photography and visual effects are great and Brad Turner, who seems to have done a lot of Sci-Fi TV and Species III, did a good job directing, even if we didn't always know where it was going.

    But, maybe that was Douglas Bowie's story, which was certainly an unusual approach to a Santa story. There was a lot of religious symbolism evident in the film. The whole idea of Santa being a "regular Joe" and Santa at the same time is reflective of the divinity of Jesus, a man/god thing. There was also a lot of redemption in the story. This was all framed with Christmas music that was more religious than secular.

    Not only is the basic story unusual, but the idea of an Africa-American Santa (Arnold Pinnock), who falls in love with an angel (the lovely Deanna Milligan) is also different. Dabney Coleman was around to provide comic relief.

    Miligan made this a pleasant experience even if it was so unusual that I could not completely enjoy it. Maybe they were afraid to push too hard with the elements that were taken from The Santa Clause.
  • When the reigning Santa is no longer fit for duty his helpers must search for a replacement. This leads to a wacky, exhausting hunt and doesn't turn up exactly what Santa's angels hoped for. To make matters worse still, "Santy" winds up being just this side of totally undesirable. This is the worst Christmas tale I've seen yet, and I had no trouble spotting the shameless subliminals. The producers could have picked another genre to promote their silly assed agendas.
  • eggzycat-9376022 November 2020
    This is the definition of a perfect movie should win all oscars for the rest of time
  • This is one of mine and my daughters favorite CHRISTMAS movie from her childhood. She's 31 now with 3 children of her own. I'm a very BLESSED & PROUD NANA! We are both very disappointed 😥 that her children will never be able to see MUST BE SANTA, since we haven't been able to find it on a DVD anywhere, including the Internet. This makes me very sad 😔 😭😭, because I LOVE 😍 the movie so very much!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the worst movie I have ever seen. If I wasn't on a seven-hour flight, I never would have sat through it. I can't believe American Airlines foists this tripe on its poor passengers. There is much to dislike in this movie, despite its obvious desire to show warm and wonderful Christmas feelings. The worst offense is the main character using his Santa-mind-control to force a little girl to love him. That's a wonderful example of Christmas Spirit, isn't it?
  • xredgarnetx2 December 2007
    A black Santa? And a petty thief, at that? That's the premise of this silly TV movie, as the current Santa dies on-screen (say what?) and a new Santa must be found. Dabney Coleman leads the search. They come up with Arnold Pinnock, the above-mentioned petty thief who has about as much interest in being Santa as the Easter Bunny. Pinnock does his best Orlando Jones imitation while Coleman clearly is just picking up a paycheck. A gal, Deanna Milligan, who vaguely reminded me of Penelope Ann Miller from CARLITO'S WAY plays Coleman's second in command. At least she provided some eye candy. For reasons best known to the filmmakers, Joe Flaherty pops up as Count Floyd from the old Canadian show, SCTV. I would have preferred watching 90 minutes of Count Floyd.