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  • In the Videozone featurette following the film, one of the actors remarks that it was interesting working on the film because in a horror film the black character always dies, but in this film, all the characters were black. He also said that it was good to have the job because there isn't much demand for young black actors in film. The full meaning of these quotes still escape me; I just know that black characters do usually die in horror films, and the only other all-black horror films I can think of are the blaxploitation-era "Blacula" and its sequel "Scream, Blacula, Scream".

    It is somewhat ironic that Full Moon Pictures, a low budget horror label, is doing something to rectify such a situation with their Big City Pictures (at this time called Alchemy) "urban horror" spin-off label, since most of the intended audience would not watch or enjoy their films because of the low budget. This is better than the average horror film, but is a "text-book" Full Moon film, which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you think of Full Moon's releases.

    The plot is interesting, and was at least researched. Kwame and his friends are in an independent band on the verge of making it big. Big Pear, a local gangster (gangsta?), offers a lucrative deal to be their manager, and, when Kwame refuses, sends his brothers to hospitalize Kwame's grandmother. For revenge, Kwame looks up some of his grandmother's spells (she was a sorceress, can't remember if it was specifically described as voodoo sorcery or not), and calls upon the Shadow Man to put his "killing magic" into Kwame's grandmother's wooden rag doll to kill Big Pear and his brothers. Unfortunately, the killing magic comes at a price, and for every person the rag doll kills for Kwame, it must also take another life, from someone that Kwame cares about.

    The acting isn't Oscar-calibre, but far from horrible (except for the grandmother, who acts well but, as a result of no make-up budget, looks like she's in her late 30's and not at all injured from Big Pear's brothers' "attack"), and the special effects aren't all that special. In this case, the Ragdoll isn't the slightest bit frightening or menacing (and actually sounds like a Furby or other child's toy), but the actors do an excellent job of selling it. The music by the band was enjoyable, and introduces a new Full Moon market - the urban soundtrack. If you liked Full Moon's other killer puppet/doll flicks, you'll enjoy this, and if not, haven't you learned to stay away from Full Moon titles by now?
  • This project was in development years back. I remember reading about the storyline and it was much different then the movie you see today. I know that Full Moon had some problems with Paramount Pictures about it, so the idea has been in Charlie's desk for a long time. I'm happy to see that it turned out well. I think Ted Nicolaou did a Marcellus job on it, mind you - he is an absolute directing genius. This Movie became Alchemy Entertainment's first film. later on Producer Mel Johnson Jr. changed the company name to Big City Pictures, because they had an idea about making a record company with a similar name. The soundtrack to Ragdoll is out there on CD. This is the only Movie Alchemy made under that label and by far the best one Mr. Mel Johnson Jr. Produced. also look for him in Full Moon's Hideous, he is very entertaining in that one. So grab those Popcorn's and Injoy!
  • theslab79 August 2001
    This is probably one of the worst movies ever made. The script is awful, the acting is ridiculous and the special effects, well, they aint too special. It is so bad it passes beyond basic camp to a level of pure comedy. It is almost set up to look like a spoof. I have only seen a few other FULL MOON films, and they looked like Academy Award winners compared to this. Rent it for a laugh, NOT a scare.
  • Ragdoll isnt all that great of a movie,it seemed like it was going to a great horror film that was along the lines of Puppet Master,but it wasnt.This movie might give some people very high expectations from the trailer,but overall,the acting was very bad (but thats mandatory because all Full Moon movies have bad acting) a mediocre plot,and not much entertaimnent.This film may seem like it would be a gore fest,but it isnt,it doesnt have that much gore.I would recomend this film to people who are big fans of Full Moon productions.This film wasnt good,I expected it to be great,but it wasnt.3 out of 10.
  • This is yet another effort of full moon. and a better one at that. seventeen year old KWAME performs in a local hip hop band. while living with his aged grandmother, he has grown up listening to her "magical powers". When his Gran is put into the hospital by local thugs, KWAME invokes the killing magic and puts it in his Gran's old rag doll. However there is a terrible price to pay for dealing with the magic of the killing kind. I gave this movie **1/2 stars. The story is good. It would have gotten higher if the doll hadnt looked so damned fake! Still,RENT IT!
  • ImmortallyInsane21 July 2005
    All these stupid doll movies are just rip offs of Child's Play. The story is retarded. It's all been done to death. Stuff like is just so dumb anymore. Back in the 1980's, the idea of a doll coming to life and killing people was interesting. Chucky did it right. Good story, good plot, good characters, and of course, the perfect looking doll. This film is so bland, dumb, stupid, dumb, get what I'm saying? Don't waste your time with this. I've seen so many movies of this kind and they all fail in making me scared, laugh, whatever. THEY ALL FAIL! There is nothing more I can say, so do yourself a favor and just skip this piece of trash and go watch something worth your time, because this is definitely one of the worst "movies" I have ever wasted my time on. Full Moon is such a pathetic company. Their fascination with doll movies is ridiculous. Full Moon is just, well RETARDED! Go watch a Chucky film if you want GOOD killer doll stuff.