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  • This delightful movie has so many twists of plot as it gets the characters mixed into seemingly unresolvable conflicts.

    But in the meantime, it raises issues that, for some, just might be difficult to endure having raised, particularly the examination of prejudice. Racial prejudice gets in there, but just general prejudices and superstitions get laid out there to be challenged.

    It's a Cuban movie in which Cuban artists raise these issues for Cuban audiences - but it's also universal. It comes from the people that Nelson Mandela praised as "unparalleled" for their "consistent commitment to the systematic eradication of racism;" almost a decade later they created this film to encourage us - there and throughout the world - to look even deeper into ourselves.

    And to have fun at the same time. Fun story, great acting and directing. Enjoy!
  • I cannot believe that some of the people who commented on this movie are actually describing the same film. I sincerely and truly found this movie to be entertaining, funny, beautifully produced and showing some of the outstanding choreography and flavor found only in Vegas or Lido shows. To me, this is a tremendous effort by Cuban cinema and a beautiful production. I would like to add that I am no fan of Fidelism, socialism, communism or any ism and that my personal review is solely based on what my eyes witnessed and heard. Kudos to Thais Valdes and the rest of the cast...An outstanding achievement.....I also enjoyed the way racism was handled by a non-traditional Cuban family and the comments made by one of the family friends...Mulatto women are a good business nowadays...Mulatto women are not a business, but part of the beautiful ethnic mix that makes Cuba what it is.
  • It is unbelievable how a director (Chijona) with a previous good film and a writer (Aguero) with a respectable career can come up with a non-sensical story such as this. The humor is crass and unfunny, the situations do not allow for suspension of disbelief and nothing sustains the plot of this unbearable film. To top it off, acting is of the worse quality. I do not know who does a worse job in her respective roles, if Thais Valdes or Daisy Granados. The Cuban cinema is plagued with bad movies, but this one is at the top of the infamous list.
  • alleyboy9164 January 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Just discovered this gem of a movie and laughed all the way through. Litico Rodriguez (Promedio) stole the whole damn show. This movie isn't to be over analyzed but enjoyed for it's cheesy humor, erotic atmosphere, and it's crazy plot. Enrique Molina (Candido) is so brilliant as the crazed father, he actually made me nervous in just about every seen he appeared in. Good acting and lots of laughs "Paradise Under the Stars" or "Un Paraíso bajo las estrellas" is a very worth seeing film.

    Gerardo Chijona directs this screwball comedy hailing from Cuba. Macho truck driver Candido (Enrique Molina) forbids his drop-dead gorgeous daughter Sissy (Thais Valdes) to become a dancer at Havana's hippest club, the Tropicana, though she does so anyway. On the job, Candido accidentally smashes into hunky biker Sergito (Vladimir Cruz) who has a star-shaped mole on his butt, just like Candido. Out of guilt, he brings Sergito home to recuperate. Though Sissy is more than delighted at having this injured Adonis lollygagging about the house, Candido's buddy Promedio (Litico Rodriguez) fears a potential sexual encounter. As all of this is going on, Candido's arch-nemesis Armando (Santiago Alfonso), a choreographer at the Tropicana, tries to strike vengeance by seducing Sissy. When she rebuffs the creep, she is demoted to chorus girl. As the film progresses, subplots are layered upon subplots until the film's delirious denouement. Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide