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  • This movie brings out the taste for sexy underwear.It is all about women putting on and off sexy lingerie and a little sex scene at the end.

    The girls I liked in this movie was Charlene D. Garcia also called Charlie,she is just beautiful and of course Houston, she is just a legend who does almost anything. I cannot think of one thing she hasn't tried. In this movie she gives a nice striptease before she takes on two guys.

    The movie also have two lesbian scenes and thank goodness for that, because no movie is complete without a nice lesbian scene. The camera work in the movie is ok but,the little striptease scene in each scene is just amazing.So we got to thank James Avalon for another new concept.

    Except from the sexy underwear concept,this is just an average adult movie with a few good looking stars.
  • Adult Hall of Fame director James Avalon has contributed many a classic narrative feature over the years, but here indulges in a sex-only exercise that really hits the spot. He invades the turf of his friend and peer Nick Orleans, unveiling a parade of beauties in sexy lingerie, moreso even than Marc Dorcel, whose French porn movies continue to set the standard for alluring displays of nylons, undies and garter belts.

    Lesbian sex, boy/girl and threesomes are balanced, all shot MOS without any dialogue. The cast featuring eleven actresses is outstanding, not going after superstars but instead showcasing some of the most talented beauties of the VHS era. Busty Houston is impressive providing a d.p. In her threesome with Brick Majors and nondescript stud Kyle Phillips.

    Fabulous players, all looking fine, include Syren, Temptress, Misty Rain and Gina Ryder. Proving there's nothing new under the sun, Avalon pretentiously opens each of seven separate vignettes with a quote from a famous phiosopher, including Sartre, Camus, Bataille, Nietsche and Simone de Beauoir - a gimmick recently employed by actress turned director Kayden Kross.