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  • I saw this show when I was about 10. The basic plot was of a pair of kids who would go away to this wonderland where animals talked and each episode would be a folktale of different racial origins, be it Chinese, Japanese, Native American, Greek, whatever, in a condensed and easy to comprehend form.

    Each episode has a moral and is animated rather well. For the most part, most of the episodes are rather entertaining, though I haven't seen it in like 5 years. Watch if you see it on ^-^
  • OK, this is going to sound campy, i was a babysitter when this came out, along with the fact of younger brothers and sister. This is one of the few videotapes that i taped (off of PBS) and took with me that EVERY parent did not have a problem with their kid watching. In the age where your TV babysits your child more than you do, this is a program i could turn on and they would actually walk away with something other than mush on the brain. it was good from children 8 to about 14 (my 14 yr old brother (at the time) watched it fascinated for a long time, and is still one of his most cherished memories (one of the few times we didn't fight was when it was on) if you find it, or get a chance to watch it DO! definitely worth it