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  • eddie-836 February 2001
    If you enjoy car chases and serial killers this is the show for you! Not!!

    With a top-drawer cast of British character actors underplaying superbly Four Fathers is drama not to be missed. Tony Doyle, (in what must have been one of the last performances before his sudden death), is struggling with a daughter growing up very quickly when another daughter turns up unexpectedly from his distant past.

    The setting is the north of England where things tend to be somewhat gloomy but most characters here are gainfully employed and there's humour amid the drama. The music is another plus with one father a vinyl buff who loves soul music so we regularly hear such as `Papa's got a brand new bag', `What becomes of the broken hearted?' etc. in the background.

    I saw `Four Fathers' in four one hour episodes and the first hour tended to be all over the place as the characters and their situations were introduced but it soon settled down to become a most involving, realistic adult drama about family relationships.