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  • I can remember like it was yesterday, flopping down on the "Danish Deluxe" in front of B&W Astor TV to watch this terrific show.

    I'm just trying to recall the opening credits. I seem to remember the music theme featuring a harmonica and there was a shot of McGooley fishing from a jetty at Balmain (or somewhere like that). Coming from Melbourne, it was quite a 'buzz' for me as a kid to holiday in Sydney and visit 'McGooley locations' around the Harbour.

    Yes, what ever happened to genuine Australian humour ? (as distinct from the dreadfully unfunny and contrived "Ocker" nonsense which, sadly, continues to this day ).

    "McGooley" is DEFINITELY one of my all time favorites. Would love to see it again.
  • I watched this series when I was a young child. I will always remember it as being true Australian comedy with the genius of Gordon Chater and John Mellion. Who could forget Wally (John Mellion) going straight to the fridge on arrival home from work, opening the beer bottle and sitting at the kitchen table to join Rita and her father McGooley where they would argue about everything possible. Mellion's brilliant facial expressions as he is interrupted constantly by McGooley.. ah... how I would love to see it all again.
  • Yes, I think it was one of the best written Aussie comedies. Great dialogue with sharp humour.

    John Meillon was the typical Aussie Bloke - his casual wear ( stubbies?), language and manners personified the stereotype Aussie male.

    Gordon Chater was brilliant with his some of mannerism - particularly when he poked his tongue out. I can still visualise the scene even after all these years.

    I particularly liked the opening scene and theme song with McGooley fishing of Balmain Wharf ( I think there was a sign saying " Fishing from wharf is prohibited" )

    Does anyone know how I can buy a DVD or VHS of the series - even a couple of episodes would do.

    Can you help?

    Thank You,

    John Sydney Australia
  • roperjs-112 December 2006
    An excellent comedy series now regarded as a classic. Great cast, well written and excellent direction.

    This series was directed by an excellent professional Australian who went on to direct many top television programs such as the great Australian classic based on Ethel Turner's novel, Seven Little Australian.

    Seven Little Australians has been a classic for many years and is considered essential reading for all Australian students.

    This director went on to direct many top national commercials including the launch of McDonalds in Australia and many commercial bank training and sales instruction videos. He also directed many commercial television special programs with Ethel Merman, Shirley Bassey, Sammy Davis Junior, Lesley Uggams and Mat Monro and Johnny O'Keefe. He also directed the first series of This is Your Life for the Seven Network as well as the Paul Hogan Show for the same network.