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  • VIvid contract superstar Taylor Hayes was one sexy woman actress during her reign at the top two decades ago, and this very slight (runs only 70 minutes long) Vivid feature shows why.

    She's cast as a cheating wife, confessing her sex cravings to sympathetic Julian in the opening scene and then promptly seducing the huge-dicked guy. Julian does not have his trademark colorful & expansive tattoos yet but his cock is fully grown, and matched with Taylor's big tits makes for riveting visuals.

    They're caught by hubby Kyle Stone, who gets top male billing for a NonSex Role, announcing it's time for divorce when he confronts the duo.

    Feature takes a distinctly odd turn, reminiscent of many a corny Hollywood hit, notably "It's a Wonderful Life", when Taylor goes to the bath tub about to commit a Georgina Spelvin "Devil in Miss Jones" suicide by razor blade when a Guardian Angel in the unlikely form of Jon Dough appears in the bathroom.

    Dough, who other IMDb-ers seem to overrate emphatically, delivers his lines in dull, monotone fashion, as he procedes to show Taylor the positive impact she has had over the years on other people with her sex antics (move over, Jimmy Stewart).

    Cue the XXX vignettes, as a plumber with low self-esteem (Nick East) is shown to have gaine confidence after Taylor humped him, so he services his wife Chloe with gusto, and the wonderful little star delivers her specialty of anal sex.

    Next up in the flashback parade is Taylor's house maid Jill Kelly (quite a stretch in casting that icon in a menial role!), caught masturbating to an AVN magazine when Taylor gets home. This ridiculous plug merely took me out of the narrative and reminded me of the unholy (read: corrupt) relationship between industry organizations led by AVN and the major porn companies, as evidenced by the automatic annual shower of awards (and moreso, nominations for same) handed out to them like clockwork.

    After this hot and heavy Sapphic scene, we see Sandy's blossoming as a lesbian thanks to Taylor's tutelage, evidenced by a strong outdoor threesome for her and fellow sunbather Lauren Montgomery, both serviced by stereotypically the pool boy, in the person of Eric Price. It is noteworthy that Montgomery later got her best career role, co-starring in the classic series "Naked Hollywood", from "Excesses" director Toni English.

    Finale concerns an insurance man Taylor seduced, irritable Herschel Savage, who deigns to service his horny (and very sexy) wife Tina Tyler in a sex scene performed bareback, clashing with the Vivid safe-sex condoms used previously.

    Picture ends abruptly with Dough ready to take a hike, muttering his final line to Taylor: "Go forth and fornicate". To which she ironically replies: "What, you mean we don't even get to f*ck?", a wisecrack aimed at director English and the patient viewer, who must be wondering why Dough was hired for such a nothing role and unsatisfactory NonSex performance.