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  • Shinobu Himeno (Shinobu Wakana), gets thrown in the clink after a botched robbery and once there she suffers all the indignities that the other inmates and the guards throw at her. Pretty much a by the numbers WIP plot, it checks off all the boxes for this genre, sadistic warden and guards? Check! Convict on convict action? Check! Prison Riot? Check! And that old standby, body cavity searches? Check!(this one you gotta see)

    At 69 mins, it moves at a good clip, never lagging, and keeps the sex scenes and degradations coming. Recommended for Nikkatsu aficionados and WIP fans in general.

    The Impulse/Synapse disc looks good with a 1:85 transfer, and little else on the disc in the way of extras. This is number 26 of these releases. I've noticed that they've stopped including an insert/essay by Jasper Sharp.